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No, Montenegro and Serbia are two separated countries.

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Q: Are Serbia and Montenegro part of one country?
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What ist the capital of serbien montrenegro?

Serbia is not a part of Montenegro anymore. They separated. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica. They are to separate countries. While they were one country the capital was Belgrade. In montenegro they are "crnogorci" in Serbia they are "Srbi" two different countries.

What happened to the countries Montenegro and Serbia?

Before 2006, Montenegro and Serbia was one country. However, Montenegro held a referendum in 2006 that was narrowly passed. At the moment they are two separate countries.

In the one country of Yugoslavia there were?

Slovenia, Croatia, Boznia-Hertzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia were parts of Yugoslavia.

What former European country was Serbia?

Serbia was a part of Yugoslavia at one time.

Is the country Yugoslavia or Montenegro?

yugoslavia was montenegro, serbia, kosovo, macedonia, croatia, slovenia, bosnia & herzegovina all roled up into one. then one by one they each declared independance and yugoslavia no longer exist. I was born and lived in montenegro for 3 years.

Which Country has desired to leave the republic of YugoslaviaCroatia or Montenegro?

In 1991-92, The former Yugoslavia broke up. Croatia was one of the countries that was then formed. In 2003, the remaining Yugoslavia changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro.

What countries belong to the balkans?

Albania,Republic of Kosovo,Macedonia,Montenegro,Serbia,Bosnia&Herzegovina,Kroacia, Grece,Bulgaria,(one part of) Rumania.

What did Serbia use to be called?

Serbia used to be called Yugoslavia but after the war that occured in 1990's, the religions separated all the countries forming a single name. Serbia and Montenegro were one country for awhile but they separated into two a couple years back

What was the capital of Yugoslavia?

The capital of Yugoslavia was Belgrade.Yugoslavia no longer exists as a country. Belgrade is now the capital of Serbia, one of 6 countries that were formed following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992. The countries derived from the former Yugoslavia are:Bosnia whose capital in SarajevoCroatia, capital ZagrebFormer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, capital SkopjeMontenegro, capital PodgoricaSerbia, capital BelgradeSlovenia, capital LjubljanaThe nations that emerged from the Bosnian war were : Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Two more countries have since been formed, as three have been created from the previous country of Serbia and Montenegro, these being Montenegro, Kosovo, and Serbia).However, when it was a nation, the federal capital of Yugoslavia was Belgrade (now the capital of Serbia). There were also 7 other capitals which were the capitals of autonomous republics and provinces inside the country, they include: Ljubljana (Slovenia), Pristina (Kosovo), Novi Sad (Vojvodina; not a modern day country, is a part of Serbia), Skopje (FYROM), Zagreb (Croatia), and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Serbia was also an autonomous republic, but it held the federal capital of Belgrade; the provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina were also a part of the Socialist Republic of Serbia.

What countries participated in the Turin Olympics that are not participating in Vancouver Olympics?

Costa Rica, Kenya, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Thailand, Virgin Islands, Venezuela. All of these countries were represented by one athlete at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin. The country of Serbia and Montenegro, which sent 6 athletes to the 2006 Winter Games, no longer exists. The union between the two states ended in 2006 and now there are two sovereign states (Serbia, Montenegro). Serbia sent 10 athletes to compete in the 2010 Games and Montenegro sent 1.

In what year did Yugoslavia break into 5 independent countries?

Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia declared independence in 1991 while Serbia and Montenegro (officially one country) formed in 1992. Montenegro got its independence in 2006 from Serbia. They are now 2 separate countries which means Yugoslavia was made up of 6 different countries.

How is Bulgaria doing economically?

Bulgaria's economy is collapsing. It's one of the poorest countries in Europe ( Such as Serbia, Albania, Montenegro )

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