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no there harmless to animals if there eaten

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No bugs are not dangerous but, some bugs can be very harmful to people, animals, and other bugs too.

yes some stick bugs are dangerous. the really thick ones are

Chameleons and stick bugs are camouflage

Camouflage is patterns that help animals get prey or hide from predators. Some animals are leaf bugs and stick bugs

No, naturally there are no really dangerous fauna in Ireland. The only dangerous bugs etc... that you will come in contact with would be exotic animals that people keep as pets.

stick insects do not eat bugs. They eat ivy or blackberry leaves.

stick bugs are not endangered from my knowledge, only the giant stick bug is.

Oil spills are dangerous because they stick to animals and then it causes them to sink.

There could be dangerous animals there you could get lost and lots and lots of bugs!

i think maybe you mean a gnat. Possible a stick insect Stick Insect (Phasmida), but I'm not sure they fly. Donna

Everything is useful, no matter what size, including stick bugs. They bring happiness to their owners hearts, and if they are in the wild, they probably provide food to other animals. I'm sure there are more reasons why they are useful, but those are all I know. Stick bugs are very friendly, they cannot harm any humans or other animals, but I'm not sure about smaller insects. Only some species of stick bugs fight with eachother, but it is not common.

There are many animals that eat stick insects, such as birds, small reptiles, bigger bugs such as spiders and possibly small mammals.

No, stick bugs do not stick. The stick bug is often referred to as the walking bug. The sit patiently in camouflage waiting for their prey but do not spit.

Forest fires are a problem and some certain bugs are dangerous to plants.

i seen one before up close but they only kill animals and they live in the swamp. they are dangerous but crocodiles are more dangerous.crocs have large teeth that stick out and alligators have short teeth that stick out

Bugs are kind of animals . Animals do not have chloroplasts.

i dont know get close to one and stick your hand out then see what happens

Stick bugs are an insect that hides form predators by looking like a twig. I will make the link below point to a picture of a stick insect.

Stick bugs are very light, very thin bugs. A stick bug typically only weighs about a quarter of an ounce.

There are many different animals with natural camouflage. Some of these animals include snakes, chameleons, and zebras. There are also insects who have natural camouflage, like stick and leaf bugs.

bugs such as beetles worms and birds live off these animals/bugs

Stick bugs are of the Order Phasmatodea.

Chap stick is not dangerous to dogs. It CAN be though. Not alot.

Most bugs can be successfully set on fire. XD