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Yes they are related. Ted DiBiase is the father of Ted DiBiase Jr.

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Q: Are Ted Debiase and Ted Debiase Jr. related?
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Does ted debiase jr have a wife?

yes he does.he was married recently.

Dose ted Debiase jr have a girlfriend?

He has a kid called Bret DiBiase, but i don't no if he is married or not.

Who is better ted debiase or Randy Orton?

Ted DiBiase

What are Ted DiBiase Jr's finishing moves?

what is ted debiase's wrestling style really how lame can you get what kind of question is dat forrreal doe

Where does Ted Debiase live?

Ted Dibiase currently lives in Clinton, Mississippi

Is Evan bourne related to ted dibiase jr?

No they are not related.

Who would win in a fight between Cody Rhodes and ted debiase?

Cody Rhodes

Who will win the 6 man tag at backlash?

Randy Orton,Cody Rhodes & Ted Debiase

What age is ted debiase?

Ted Dibiase was born January 18, 1954 so that makes him 55 years old Ted Dibiase Jr. was born November 8, 1982 so that makes him 27 years old. i agree with 27 years old because ted is not no 55 years old he looks very young and do you even know who we are talking about---we are talking about ted dibiase off wwe wrestling

What is Ted DiBiase's jr full name?

Theodore Marvin "Ted" DiBiase, Jr.

Are troy smith and ted ginn jr related?

No they are not related, Ted's Dad coached Troy Smith at some point during his HS day, I believe? They were friends on and off the field. Margaret McMahan

When was Ted Ginn Jr. born?

Ted Ginn Jr. was born on April 12, 1985.