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yes some stunts they do do. they do skateboard.

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Q: Are Zeke and Luther Professional Skateboarders?
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What information about Zeke and Luther can I find on the Disney XD website?

Zeke and Luther are best friends who are aspiring to be famous skateboarders. A short description of the show can be found on the Disney XD website, as well as pictures from the show.

Who is smarter in Zeke and Luther Zeke or Luther?


What is Zeke real name on Zeke and Luther?

Zeke on Zeke and Luther is played by Hutch Dano.

Who plays zeke and luther in zeke and luther?

in the disney xd series zeke and luther, zeke is played by Hutch Danno, and luther is played by Adam Hicks.

Are Zeke and Luther brothers?

Zeke and Luther are not brothers. They are best friends.

Is Abigail breslin on Zeke and Luther?

No. Abigail Breslin wasn't on Zeke and Luther. However, Abigail Mavity was on 8 episodes of Zeke and Luther.

Who plays the little sister of Zeke from Zeke and Luther?


Does Olivia love Zeke on Zeke and Luther?


Do Zeke and Luther speak spanish?

I don't know if Zeke and Luther speak Spanish, but I know that the show "Zeke and Luther" is dubbed into many languages including Spanish. "Zeke and Luther" is broadcast in 45 countries according to Wikipedia.

Where is the kids TV show Zeke and Luther filmed?

Zeke and Luther is filmed in Torrance, CA

What type of truck does Zeke and Luther win?

How much does the car off zeke and luther cost

Is cookie from ned'd declasified the same person from Zeke and Luther?

Yes, He Is Kojo In Zeke And Luther

What is the first episode of Zeke and Luther?

Bros Go Pro (Jun. 15, 2009)Zeke and Luther get their first professional job when a mattress store hires them to do a skateboard jump as part of a promotional grand-opening stunt.

How many professional skateboarders are there?


What type of skateboards do Zeke and Luther have?

zeke has a red riot unstoppable and luther i think has the same but yellow

What is the name of Zeke and Luther's movie?

What movie? I haven't heard anything official about a Zeke and Luther movie.

Who plays charlie plunk in Zeke and Luther?

Reid Ewing plays Charlie Plunk on Zeke and Luther.

Who play luther in Zeke and luther?

Adam Hicks

How Old is Zeke's Sister in Zeke and Luther?

10 and 11 in parts

What is the title of Zeke and Luther theme song?

It is called the 'Zeke and Luther theme song', genius! Bob Pineapple

Who plays Gary on Zeke and Luther?

I don't see a Gary listed on the IMDb credits page for Zeke and Luther

Who plays Luther in the show Zeke and Luther?

Adam Hicks

Who plays Zeke in the show Zeke and Luther?

Hutch DanoZeke is played by actor Hutch Dano. He worked in a skateshop and Zeke And Luther is his first role on a TV show.

How do you meet Zeke and Luther?

The show Zeke and Luther ended. Season 3 was the last Season of the show. So I doubt that the actors who play Zeke and Luther will be doing any public appearances together where you can meet them.

Are Zeke and Luther real skaters?

well i heard that the skaters are actually stunt doubles and i also heard that Zeke and Luther can skate but they use stunt doubles so Zeke and Luther don't break a bone