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No, they will not clear the brake caliper.

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โˆ™ 2014-12-18 10:45:51
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Q: Are a '99 Jeep Cherokees stock rims compatible with a '09 Jeep Cherokees?
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Will 2011 Jeep wrangler rims fit a 2002 Jeep Cherokee?

no, the 2011 has a 5 on 5 bolt pattern and all Cherokees have 5x4.5 bolt pattern

Will 15 inch tires fit a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

not if you have the stock rims

What is the stock wheel size for a 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4wd?

it should be 15 inch rims

Can you put 2008 Jeep Rubicon Stock rims and tires on your 2007 wrangler unlimited?


Will jeep wrangler rims fit a ford explorer?

Yes Jeep rims will fit an explorer, I have jeep rims on mine...

Can you swap 1987 Jeep Cherokee rims with a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The answer is yes. They have the same bolt pattern which is 5x4.5" practically you can interchange rims between Cherokees from 1986 or '87 with newer Cherokee's and grand Cherokee's until they changed the body style(1999 I think)

Will Chevy rims fit on a jeep?

Some will, depends on which Chevy and Jeep rims you're referring to

Can you put stock 2008 jeep Sahara rims and tires on a 200 8 jeep wrangler?

You should be able to if the lug-nut pattern is the same, given you have the clearance.

Will Jeep rims fit on Chevy?

Some will, depends on which Chevy and Jeep rims you're referring to

Will a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee rims fit a 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

@ "contributor": Your guess below is incorrect. The wheels will fit. All Jeep Cherokees 1984-2001 (XJ), Grand Cherokees 1993-1998 (ZJ), Wranglers YJ & TJ (up to 2006) wheels are interchangeable. The bolt pattern is all the same - 5 bolts x4.5" spacing. If the tire is stock size & the rim is stock, it will fit any of the above vehicles, (whether the rim is 16, 17 or whatever). In fact, later model XJ Cherokees were issued from factory with wheels that were formerly ZJ wheels, after the ZJ was discontinued in 1998. As the rim size goes up, the tire size should change proportionately due to the size of wheel well openings.The answer below is incorrect.i seriously doubt it, but you may get lucky. i dont know exactly what year Jeep went to 16 inch rims, but my mother has a 2oo2 and hers are 17 inch if your 1996 rims are 17 inch then they will fit, if they are not,..they won't. and even if they would have to have the same bolt pattern, it would throw of your speedo

Will 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic rims fit a 1993 Cherokee sport?

yes they will. as long as both jeeps have stock axles.

How wide are stock jeep tj rims?

That depends on the year and make My 2001 Sahara TJ has 15 x 8 rims, while a 2005 sport TJ has 15 x 7.

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