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Yes you can.

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Q: Are abortions performed in Washington after four months?
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Do Muslim women have abortions?

Yes. Women of all countries, religions, cultures, level in society have abortions. However, the fetus is viewed as becoming a living soul after four months of gestation and abortions after that point are impermissible.

How do you get pregnant after five abortions the last one i had in 2008 since then been protecting myself until now about four months that i met this guy i love so much and want to get pregnant for?

You have unprotected sex. But four months is rather quick, no, for a commitment that will last decades.

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Is there any problem for next baby if you abort first baby in four months?

Generally abortions do not cause problems for future pregnancies. If you're concerned you should ask your physician. See related link to article from Mayo Clinic below.

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How can you get rid of a pregnancy if you are four months along?

At four months you would usually have to have a surgical abortion

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