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"Accredited online schools are as credible as traditional schools. This was not always true, but now through the convenience of internet online schools have proved their crediblity. You must however do your research to verify that the online school is accredited."

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2011-12-08 13:07:36
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Q: Are accredited online schools as credible as traditional schools?
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Can you get a job with a online degree?

Online degrees are similar to the campus based degrees. It has the similar criterion and basics as of the Campus degree programs. Accredited online schools are equally credible as the accredited Campus schools. the same Online degrees and better Quality of online education are offered at online schools as compared to the campus schools. Thus they have a better chances to be preferred over the campus schools by the employers.

How legit is woodfield high school diploma online?

It is very easy to find out you need to see if the school is accredited or not. According to the school website it is an accredited online high school. I think you are referring to this online part. Well online schools are just as legitimate as traditional schools. In fact, online schools are a convenient option to many people who cannot attend traditional schools.

Are accredited online schools as good as regular schools?

Accredited online schools are just as good as regular schools. It is not common for students of accredited online schools to graduate and be offered jobs in the workfield right after.

Which online massage therapist schools are accredited?

There are several online massage therapist schools that are accredited. Listings of these schools can be found at

Are online medical billing schools accredited?

Some online medical billing schools are accredited, some are not. is an example of an accredited online medical billing school.

Is belford high real?

It is an accredited online school and college. In the United States, accredited educational institutes are considered legitimate and recognized. It is an online school this does not mean that it is unreal. Online education is becoming popular and it is just as real as traditional schools/colleges.

Where can I find a list of accredited online accounting schools ?

This is the URL of a site which lists accredited online accounting schools:

Where can I find online accredited schools?

I would go to University of Phoenix and DeVry. Those schools are accredited and liked by employers.

what online business schools are accredited?

There are a lot of top online business schools that are accredited. Some sites are:, or

Where to find midwifery schools.?

There are a number of midwifery schools in the U.S. Some are online and others are traditional schools. All are intended to extend the training of licensed RNs and are accredited. A list of schools of midwifery is here:

Are online cooking schools cheaper than traditional schools?

Yes , online cooking schools are cheaper than traditional schools. You can go through this website : for best online schools for French cooking.

Are there any nationally accredited radiology schools online?

Everest College is nationally accredited and offers a radiology course online.

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