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yes, it can also be PMS

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Q: Are acne sore breasts lethargy and moodiness symptoms or pregnancy?
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What are symptoms of early pregnancy?

Keep in mind that every woman is different. Some symptoms include: sore breasts, nausea (with or without vomiting), moodiness, lightheadedness, metallic taste in your mouth, exhaustion, darkening of the areolas (area surrounding the nipple)...

Could you have sore breasts in phantom pregnancy?

Yes you could, you get all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy.

What symptoms do you get in 3 week pregnancy?

Tiredness , tender breasts , backaches

How do you know if you are having PMS or pregnancy symptoms if you are cramping and have heartburn indigestion moodiness acne fatigue aversion to certain foods and food cravings?

It sounds like pregnancy symptoms. Do you have tender breasts? Missed a menstual cycle? Try taking a home pregnancy test and see if it's positive. Also you can check local pregnancy centers to get free testing done and they will talk to you and help you with any problems you might be having.

If my breasts do not hurt but i have other pregnancy symptoms could i still be pregnant?


I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and am not experiencing any symptoms not even sore breasts is this normal?

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

What are some early signs of pregnancy if you have not missed your period yet?

you can get tender, swollen breasts. Nausea with or without vomiting, changes in appetite. frequent urination. moodiness.

Pregnancy symptoms when you have copper coil?

Sore breasts, lumps on nipples, tummy cramps

Can you have pregnancy symptoms but not have tender breasts?

yes. everyone has different symptoms. when you look up symptoms online, it gives you most symptoms you can experience but not everyone has all of them.

Watery mouth sore brests and dizziness symptoms of pregnancy?

Tender breasts maybe, but not the other symptoms. Often pregnancy symptoms start as a result of the increase in hormones after a month or so of pregnancy. If these persist, though, check in with your doctor.

What are some symptoms of being pregnant when you have a Mirena?

Look for regular symptoms of pregnancy: Morning sickness, tender breasts, etc. If you're worried, then take a pregnancy test.

Are there different symptoms with a second pregnancy?

Quite often the second pregnancy is completely different. I had really sore breasts, nausea and tiredness with my first, with the second I had none of these symptoms despite it being a twin pregnancy.

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