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Q: Are administrators allowed to serve as National Honor Society advisers?
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Are students allowed to pray in public schools?

Students are allowed to pray. Teachers, principals, or administrators are not allowed to force them to pray.

Progressives favored the city manager system of government because it?

allowed professional administrators to run the city government

Can you be accepted in the National Honor Society as a high school sophomore?

I'm not sure if the rules change according to schools ,but my school says you can't obtain membership to the NHS until your junior year. Per the Constitution of the National Honor Society, members must be a sophomore, junior, or senior who has attended the school at least one semester. Freshmen are not allowed to be members. There is a National Junior Honor Society for junior high students.

Is airsoft allowed in Florida national forest?

Not in a national forest.

Why should phones be allowed in school?

Telephones allow the schools administrators to communicate simply and effectively. There is no valid reason a student should be allowed to have an active cellular telephone during instruction.

Why are Kenyans not allowed to farm in national parks?

Kenyans are not allowed to farm in national parks is because farming would endanger African wildlife.

Who was allowed to vote by the 1875 constitution adopt by the National Assembly?

All adult males were allowed to vote.

What economic policy was the national government not allowed to perform during the nineteenth century?

What economic policy was the national government not allowed to implement during the nineteenth century?

Was Donald Trump not allowed to join Augusta National?

It's not that he "wasn't allowed" to join, he wasn't nominated for membership. You do not choose to join Augusta National, they choose you. He has yet to be invited.

When were girls allowed in the ffa?

Girls were officially admitted into National Future Farmers of America membership in 1969. Several state associations had allowed girls to be members before that, but this was on the national level.

What is the action we're not allowed to do on pet society?


Who was allowed to vote in colonial society?

White males who owned property, and were over the age of 18 were allowed to vote.

How do you find out your student identification number?

Have your parents ask your school administrators, who issued you the number in the first place. They are not allowed to tell you directly or at least, that's the case in Alabama.

Who was allowed to vote by 1875 constitution adopted by the national assembly?

All adult males were allowed to vote.

Who was allowed to vote by the 1875 constitution adopted by the National Assembly?

All adult males were allowed to vote.

Why were Jews not allowed National Health insurance?


Are school administrators allowed to search your locker if they believe you have a banned substance or weapon?

yes. but only if someone has told on you or they feel suspicious because you have signs of having something in your locker.

How do you execute batch files when command prompt is disabled by administrators?

Ask the administrator to grant the permission. If you don't want to ask, or request denied, sorry dude, you are not allowed for a reason. :)

What is a sentence for suppressing?

The suppressing of free-speech is not to be allowed in a democratic society.

Why is sedition a type of speech that is not allowed?

It is a danger to national security.

How has the radio inpacted life in America?

It allowed for a national culture to form and it allowed for a faster source of communication than newsprint.

How did the availability of land help create an American society that differed from the English society?

Availability of land allowed and agricultural society in much of the American colonies, unlike the England colonie

What are the effects of Radio on society?

Radio had some big effects on society. It allowed people to hear the voice of their leaders for the first time. Also, it allowed people to hear news far more quickly than ever before.

How many runs have the cubs allowed in 2008?

Through games played on September 22, the Cubs have allowed 641 runs, second fewest in the National League, and scored 829 runs which is the most in the National League.

In a pluralistic society the expression of differing viewpoints will rarely occur or is strictly forbidden or will only be allowed at meetings or is openly allowed and encouraged?

This is not a question