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Q: Are aliens and UFOs connected with ancient times?
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Are UFOs connected to the pyramids?

No. The pyramids were constructed from stone by the ancient Egyptians.

Do aliens fly ufos?

That's the theory.

Does God and Jesus flies in UFOs?

no aliens do

What are facts about ufos and aliens?

they are scared of elephants!!

Are there aliens called greys working in area 51 ufos?

No there are no such things as aliens

What are the release dates for UFOs and Aliens The Search for Truth - 1999 TV?

UFOs and Aliens The Search for Truth - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 1999

What is inside Area 51?

ufos and aliens spaceships

Why are Aliens have UFOS?

because they need to drive to mcdonalds

Do you think aliens exist?

Yes.... People have seen UFOs.

What are aliens n UFOs?

Extraterrestrial life forms-if they exist.

Have any aliens or UFOs landed on earth?

Not that we're aware of.

Do aliens and UFOs exists?

No one really know but scientist are finding a way to spot life of aliens but they are not sure same with UFOs. Scientists mission Some scientist are on a mission to find life of aliens and and existance of UFOs. Scientist are launching space crafts too detect aliens and UFOSs. But looking for alienns can lead to UFOs and same in reverse. Once the scientist had to go to engenireing to makr a space probe but stronger

Do ufos and aliens exist?

yes, that's all you need to know

Will alien come to earth?

no, because if there is no oxgen in space there is no aliens or ufos

What would happen if aliens and ufos where real?

everyone would panic!

Where are some images of real aliens and UFOs?

There are none in existence. You can only find images that people claim to be aliens or UFOs. So far, there has never been any evidence to support their claims.

How do aliens built their UFO's?

Aliens do not build UFOs. UFOs are lights in the sky that people don't understand or don't make sense so they jump to the conclusion that it's aliens. If aliens built them, they would be alien ships not Unidentified Flying Objects. They would be Identified Alien Ships.

Do UFOs carry aliens?

UFOs are unidentified flying objects, since they are unidentified, it is unknown what may be inside of one.

Are there UFOs or aliens?

There are UFOs. There are objects in the sky that defy indentification by the observers.

How many people have not seen aliens?

The vast majority of the world's population have not seen a UFO.UFOs are a figment of the imagination. No one has ever proven that UFOS (and we are talking about UFOs piloted by alleged aliens) actually exist.

Do aliens drive UFO?

UFOs are unidentified, since they are unidentified, it is unknown what is inside of them.

Why don't aliens come to earth very often?

Thats probiably because aliens dont like earth very much. Legend has it, That there is a 00.1% chance (small chances) for the aliens to come to earth with there UFOs. (i have seen over 4 UFOs in the sky before)

How famous are aliens by media?

The subject of aliens and UFOs have been getting more coverage by mainstream media than ever before.

Do the Allen UFO talk like us?

Even with all the speculation about aliens and UFOs, there are no records about the existence of space aliens. Sorry.

What is the name given to someone who studies aliens?

A person who studies aliens is an astrobiologist. A person who studies UFOs, on the other hand, is a UFOlogist.