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No. MOST of them are. The most popular "22" in the world is the .22 Long rifle cartridge, which IS a rimfire- as is the .22 Short, .22 Long, .22 Extra Long (obsolete), .22 WRF, and the .22 WMR. HOWEVER- there HAVE been .22 centerfire cartridges, such as the .220 Swift, 22-250, and a European cartridge, the .22 Velo Dog. .22 caliber means that the bullet is 22/100ths of an inch in diameter. None of the centerfire rounds will interchange with the .22 LR.


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Stevens 30 caliber rim fire is not a true 30 caliber. Chamber is .296. Bore .270 t0 .277. I found a 30 caliber rim fire round, at a gun show. It did not measure out to a 30 cal. Shot shooter

The Olympic air pistol and air rifle events use a .177 caliber pellet. The biathlon (skiing and shooting) uses a .22 caliber rim fire rifle.

You will have to specify if you are referring to black powder, rim fire or center fire and the weight of the projectile

A rim fire cartridge has the primer built into the rim of the shell casing. The casing must have a wide flat part at the back. A center fire has the primer in the center of the rear of the casing. The rim fire is less expensive to manufacture but is more prone to jamming. The rim fire is not suitable for rapid fire applications or rough handling.

Depends on if you are talking black powder, rim fire or center fire. 300-25000 ft is ballpark .

The Ithaca rifles are rimfire. Most are .22LR, but there is at least one .22 magnum.

If you are referring to the 32 W.C.F. or 32 W.S. (Winchester Special), both are center fire. Bert H.

Rim Fire bullets (Rifles or guns) require a firing pin that strikes the bullet casing and the resulting explosion of gunpowder in the shell fires the bullet out of the barrel. Air guns have NO firing pin. An air valve or piston forces air or C02 into the barrel behind the pellet or BB and this shoots the projectile out of the barrel.

Maybe. They may be used to take small game, but not deer. They may not be used to hunt migratory birds, such as dove, ducks, or geese. Semi-automatic rifles may not be used. So if you want to squirrel hunt with a bolt action .22, you should be legal.

No way to answer without knowing if you are talking about blackpowder, rim fire or centerfire

You will have to tell us if they are loaded or empty, whether they are shotgun shells (and the gauge), rim fire or center fire and the caliber.

The T-900 Fire Control System is a new trigger mechanism for Marlin rim-fire rifles. Go to for more info.

There is a center fire and a rim fire.

Browning has made a variety of rim fire bolt action rifles over the years. Without providing the model number/name or a description of condition, the best I can do for you is a price range of 100-1000 USD.

Needs to be checked out by a gunsmith

the 32 Winchester special lever action model 94 shoots a center fire, rimmed cartridge.

that is a 22 caliber made by harrison-richardson gun company-Gardner,Ma.-the firing pin hits the rim of the bullett,rather than the center.

Online; Gunbroker and Luckygunner may be able to direct you to a brick-and-mortar store near you.

Yes, Stevens made 25 Rim Fire rifles.

Center fire cartridges have a primer at the rear center. Rimfire cartridges have priming compound in a fold all the way around the cartridge rim. The firing pin pinches a point on the rim, making the cartridge fire. They are not considered to be reloadable.

No. .22 caliber, yes. The 2mm rimfire is a tiny BLANK catridge not used in any war.

A center-fire cartridge has a primer on the base or bottom, as the firing pin or hammer strikes the primer-cap it ignites the powder through a hole ( or two holes) inside the cartridge. A rim-fire has a flat metal rim on the base and no primer (such as a .22cal LR.)

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