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Only Satellite Channels.

Terrestrial Channels are only analogue.

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Q: Are all TV channels in Bangladesh digital?
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Do digital TVs have decimal channels?

No. They have digital channels and may pick up analogue channels but there are no digital channels.

How do you get digital channels with your digital tv?

Go to the "set up menu" and click on SCAN DIGITAL CHANNELS.

What famous digital TV channels are available for free online?

Almost all of the digital TV channels available through digital tv are available to watch online. The online streaming of said channels will only be available if the correct package from the cable company is purchased.

What will happen to all other analog tv sets after dtv 2009?

The TVs without a converter box or digital signal will only be able to pick up analog channels, so once they change all of the channels to digital, the TV cannot pick up any channels, most likely resulting in snow.

What is a built in digital tuner?

A built in digital tuner is capable of receiving digital broadcasts. In the recent past older televisions were only able to receive analog broadcasts. Almost all new televisions now have digital tuners built in to receive digital broadcasting . Only a few digital channels are available and may require a separate digital antenna. To get more digital or HD Channels (requires HDTV), you may want to subscribe to either cable TV or satellite television. Both are good options, however satellite TV currently has more HD channels than cable TV.

Do you need a digital TV box for every TV in the home?

You do actually need a digital tv box for every television in the home. However if you do not need digital channels for every room in your home just aim for the TVs you watch most, to receive digital channels you only need the digital box for that certain tv.

Can I get TV channels with a TV antenna?

Yes, it is possible to get TV channels using a TV antenna. There is a digital antenna that receives basic channels in high definition quality which requires an HDTV.

Does atsc tuner receive new digital tv channels?


How do you program a Sony TV to get all channels?

With today's TV's all you have to do is connect the TV to a signal source like cable or an antenna, go to the menu using your remote, and have it do a channel search. When it gets done, you should have all the channels available. If it's a newer TV with analog and digital tuners, you'll have to do an analog channel search and then a digital channel search.

How do you get an LCD TV monitor combo to scan digital channels?

Go into your user's menu and select the channel search function. It should allow you to search both analog and digital channels providing it has a digital tuner.

Is sylvania tv set model 6626LCT digital ready?

The Model 6626LCT is digital ready, you do not need to buy a digital box as there is one built inside the television. The Digital Tuner inside the TV is ATSC which means all you need is a Digital Ready Aerial. Roof-mounted or Set-top. All you need to worry about after that is if your aerial will give you a good picture.One more thing, it will take you a while to install the channels onto your tv as there are hundreds of channels including radio.I hope this answer has been of much use.

Does a DVD recorder with a digital tuner allow you to record one channel while watching another channel?

It depends on the set you are watching on and your cable service. If you have a cable service that sends in all channels, digital and analog, without the need for a set top box, then you can get all the channels available if your DVR and television both have digital tuners built into them. If your DVR does not have a digital tuner, it will only be able to pick up the standard channels and not the "virtual" channels available through digital service (i.e. 8.1 or 17.4, etc.). If the DVR does have a digital tuner, but you are still watching on an old analog CRT television set, then you won't be able to watch the virtual channels while the DVR is recording, since the old TV won't pick up those in between channels. So, the answer is, if you have a set with a digital tuner, and a DVR with a digital tuner, you will be able to watch any channel while recording any other channel, as long as they are not encoded. If one of the two does not have a digital tuner, then your watching selection will be limited to what it can pick up.

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