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Yes, angiosperms are named so just because they are flowering plants.

In taxonomy when a plant is to be classified various factors are checked and taken into consideration. Plants with flowers are placed into this category; this is also further divided into dicots , monocots and gymnosperms.......

Plants with no flowers or we can say that non flowering plants are put into another category that is acryptogams.....

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Q: Are all angiosperms flowering plants
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All flowering plants are classified as?


Name for all flowering plants?


Is gynosperm flowering plants?

angiosperms are flowering plants.

How do you know which type of plants are flowering plants?

Angiosperms are flowering plants

What are trees such as oaks maples and all fruit bearing type of flowering plants?

These are called Angiosperms. Flowering plants having seeds inside fruits are angiosperms.

Plants are classified as flowering or?

Plants are classified as flowering(angiosperms) or non flowering(gymnosperms).

What are flowering seed plants?

Flowering seed plants are gymnosperms and angiosperms

Are angiosperms nonflowering plants?

No, these are flowering plants

Are forget-me-not angiosperms?

Angiosperms are flowering plants. The forget-me-not is indeed a flowering plant and therefore an angiosperm.

Are Flowering plants are the most common type of seed-bearing plants.?

No, but the flowering plants are called Angiosperms. They are commonly known as flowering plants

Are sweet peas angiosperms?

Yes, they are flowering plants/ angiosperms

What is another name for flowering plants?

The taxonomical term for flowering plants is angiosperms.

Do angiosperms produce their own food?

Yes. Angiosperms are flowering plants and like all plants are producers of their own food. Autotrophs.

Do angioserms have flowers?

Yes, all angiosperms have flowers. In fact angiosperms are also called flowering plants.

What are Flowering plants classified as?


What plants are flowering plants and fruit bearing plants?


What are angiosperms?

Angiosperms are flowering plants that produces seeds within a fruit.

What is a angymnosperm?

do you mean angiosperms? angiosperms = flowering plants

Are marigolds gymnosperms or angiosperms?

They are angiosperms due to the fact that they are flowering plants.

Is conifers an example of angiosperms?

Conifers are gymnosperms (cone seed plants) , angiosperms are flowering plants.

Is a squash an angiosperm?

Yes all flowering plants, like squash, are angiosperms

What plants have flowers?

Angiosperms are the flowering plants.

What is the phylum of a marigold?

The phylum for common marigolds is angiosperms. Angiosperms are the flowering plants.

Flowering plants are known scientifically as?


What are some examples angiosperms?

flowering plants

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