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No. Arthropoda is a phylum, containing the classes Insecta, Arachnida, Crustacea and Myriapoda - insects, arachnids, crustaceans and centi/millipedes. So all insects are arthropods but not all arthropods are insects. ^^

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Why are milkweed bugs called arthropods?

They express the characteristics inherent to arthropods. All insects are arthropods. Not all arthropods are insects.

What type of insects are not arthropods?

All insects present an exoskeleton, so all insects are arthropods.

Is a arthropod an insect?

Insects are Arthropods, but not all Arthropods are insects.

How are ladybugs arthropods?

Ladybugs are beetles, all beetles are insects, all insects are arthropods. ^^

Insects that have an exoskeleton?

All insects have an exoskeleton, as it is one of the defining characteristics of almost all arthropods, and seeing as insects are arthropods, you can bet that all insects DO have exoskeletons.

Are both walking stick and beetle insects or arthropods?

Both walking sticks and beetles are both insects and arthropods, as all insects are arthropods.

Are all winged arthropods insects?

Yes, all winged arthropods are insects. Of all arthropod groups/classes, it is only the insects that have wings.

Are the Lord Howe Island stick insects arthropods?

Yes. Stick insects obviously are insects, and all insects are arthropods! ^^

Is a weevil a vertebrate?

No. A weevil is an invertebrate. Weevils are insects; all insects are arthropods; and all arthropods are invertebrates.

Are bees arthropods?

Yes, all insects are arthropods.

Are insect arthropods?

yes but not all arthropods are insects

Is butterfly arthropods?

Yes. All insects are arthropods.

What insects are not arthropods?

All insects are arthropods since the class, Insecta, is within the arthropod phylum.

Are pink katydids arthropods?

Yes. All insects are arthropods.

Are garden crickets arthropods?

Yup, all insects are arthropods.

Are all insects arthropods?

Yes they are.

What arthropods have no wings?

All arthropods apart from most insects have wings.

Why is a bumblebee an arthropod?

Bumblebees are insects, and all insects are arthropods.

What is the largest group of invertebrates the insects or the arthropods?

It is arthropods, because 'insects' is a group within the arthropods, but about 90-95% of arthropods are insects!

What are insects - arthropods or crustaceans?

Insects are arthropods.

What are the types of arthropods?

Crustaceans, Spiders and their relatives, and Insects and their relatives are all arthropods.

What class of arthropods have wings?

The Insecta class of arthropods may have wings. Insects are the only arthropods (and the only invertebrate) to have flight capability; but not all insects have wings.

What kingdom do all insects belong to?


Does an anthropods have wings?

Anthropods (humans) do not have wings; not to be confused with phylum Arthropoda (arthropods). Many arthropods have wings (insects are arthropods, including flying insects), but, of course, not all of them.

How many insects have exoskeletons?

All of them ;-) Insects are a subgroup of the arthropods (spiders, shrimp, crayfish, insects...), and they all have an exoskeleton.

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