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Normally, all of bacteria are prokaryotic without any exception. However, a prokaryotic bacteria can be changed to equip eukaryotic metabolism artificially.

European researchers have modified the cellular machinery of Escherichia coli to produce a system for the production of proteins relevant for eukaryotic, particularly human, applications. E. coli, like most bacteria, fail to glycosylate the proteins they synthesize, but this system could change all that.

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What organisms are composed of prokaryotic cells?

Bacteria. All bacteria are prokaryotic.

Does bacteria have prokaryotic?

Bacteria have prokaryotic cells. They do not have eukaryotic cells.

What kind of cells are bacteria made of?

Bacteria are made of Prokaryotic cells, since they are Prokaryotic.

What are examples of eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells?

Animals, plants and fungi all are composed of eukaryotic cells and bacteria are prokaryotic cells.

Are prokaryotic cells located in animal cells?

No, prokaryotic cells are bacteria and animal cells are eukaryotic (plants, fungi and animals are all eukaryotic).

Are prokaryotic cells located in plant cells?

No, prokaryotic cells are bacteria and plant cells are eukaryotic (plants, fungi and animals are all eukaryotic).

What are prokaryotic cells and why are they important?

Prokaryotic cells are the 'ancient/primitive' cells. They are the cells of bacteria.

Do all Cells a nucleus?

NO. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus, (animal cells) but prokaryotic cells do not (Bacteria).

What are some examples of prokaryotic cells?

prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus such as bacteria.

Does prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells contains bacteria?

Bacteria is a type of prokaryotic cell

Do prokaryotic cells have a Golgi body?

No. Prokaryotic cells, or bacteria cells, do not have a Golgi body.

What is the structure of bacteria?

Bacteria are prokaryotic cells.

Does a prokaryotic have Golgi bodies?

No. Prokaryotic cells, or bacteria cells, do not have a Golgi body.

Which cells does not have a nucleus?

Prokaryotic cells, such as bacteria.

What kingdoms of living organisms have prokaryotic cells?

Bacteria have prokaryotic cells. In the US, bacteria are in the kingdom Bacteria. In UK and Australia these are in the kingdom Monera.

What kinds of cells are prokaryotic?

Prokaryotic cells are bacteria and archaea. They are the single celled organism with no nucleus and prokaryotic cells are asexual.

Which part of the body is the prokaryotic cell?

Well, prokaryotic cells are not really part of the body. A prokaryotic cell is pretty much the same as Bacteria. Are we made of Bacteria? No, we have bacteria in us but we are not made of Bacteria. The above statement is true. But! While Bacteria are prokaryotes, the reverse is not true. Archean cells are also prokaryotic. And! We actually have more prokaryotic cells in and on us then eukaryotic cells.

Are bacteria cells prokaryotic eukaryotic cells?

Bacteria do not have nucleus.So they are prokariyotic.

What are prokaryotic cells?

Prokaryotic Cells are cells that have to have organelles that are not surrounded by a membrane and do have ribosomes. Their DNA is in the shape of a circle. They have no nucleus, the DNA is bunched up in the cytoplasm. The type of cells that are prokaryotic are bacteria and only bacteria cells.

Are bacteria cells prokaryotic or eukaryotic and why?

Bacteria cells are prokaryotic, since they are unicellular organisms and have a size of 1um (micro meter).

What cells hold a nucleus?

all eukaryotic cells (plant and animal cells). prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus (bacteria)

Unicellular organisms such as bacteria composed of prokaryotic cells?


Are bacterial cells eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

Bacteria is a prokaryotic example.

Is plant cell prokaryotic?

The only Prokaryotic cells are Bacteria.

How are bacteria prokaryotic cells?

Yes, bacteria are prokaryotes.

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