Are all ghosts evil?

No, not all ghosts are evil. There are some friendly ones and some evil one.

Most ghosts are harmless,just curious or wanting you to give them some attention.

<my opinion>

there are spirits(ghosts) and demons, demons are evil and uncontrollable some spirits are aggrivated by renavation of there space and they become annoyed and act out but don't usually do much harm, some are just lost souls who don't harm anything they just make noises. however i don't believe in a friendly ghost, no ghost is gonna watch you and make sure your ok, that's what a guardian angels for.

Your Wrong

All Ghost's Are Demonic!

If you had ever read the bible you would know that.

Some ghosts appear to be helpful even comforting at first

To gain your trust...

Then ultimately show themselves as what they really are

Satan and his minions LIE to try to destoy us.