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Are all gummy worms created equal?


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Humor: Yes, all Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms are created equal for the continual satisfaction of your taste buds.


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So we can all pretend to eat worms without actually eating worms.

Most, if not all, types of gummy worms have gelatin, which is made of animal parts. They are unsuitable for vegetarians, if they are going to be 100% vegetarian.

Marshmallows, jelly beans, gummy bears & worms, all explode in the microwave.

Unfortunately no, they should though because the blue/red worm is in almost all cases everyone's favorite combination in the bag. I have seen at a general Ma and Pa store a bag of just the blue/red gummy worms, but they weren't Trolli.

Ice cream is Lady Gaga's favorite food. No, her favourite food is spaghetti and hummus and chicken and gummy worms are all her fave!!

It means God created ALL men equal

when thomas Jefferson said "that all men are created equal" he meant that all mankind was created equal.

Marshmallows, starbursts, rice crisps, candy corn, gummy bears and worms, pop tarts, red candies... thats all i can think of.

The declaration of independence says that all men are created equal.

what groups were not included in "all men are created equal"

When Jefferson says "all men are created equal", he refers to the fact that all people should be given equal rights and be treated fairly.

Gummy bears are all made out of the same thing corn syrup, water, sugar, coloring, and gelatin. The gelatin in the gummy bear acts like a sponge and makes the gummy bears absorb water. If you place gummy bears in water they all will swell over time.

Its called the gummy bear song its on youtube you can listen to it all there

Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King Jr. said that, "All men are created equal." :)

Gummy Bears, all Gummy products are made primarily of gelatin and sugar with some flavorings.

well it doesn't matter all you have to do is just put one gummy bear in tap water and another gummy bear in salt water and leave it out until they grow bigger but don't eat them because all the bacteria will be in the gummy bears

I think he said that people were created equal by God.

No there are no worms at all

The quotation uses the term "Man" to mean "Mankind" - or human beings. Yes, women and men are all created equal.

Because gummy bears in the past were like jelly babys but now they are all hard a bit like jelly but all the way through Don't relay on this it may not be true xxx

Yes it does because it says in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal."

No, large worms do not eat smaller worms. All worms eat soil for nutrients.

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