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Are all names that mentioned in the Bible are for prophets?


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Not sure especially that the explicit mentioned names are different from one Bible to another.

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No. Many other names are mentioned in The Bible in addition to the names of prophets.

One more informationIn Quran, Muslims holy book, 25 prophets are mentioned by name although said in Quran that many other prophets are there but not mentioned by name in Quran. refer to related question below for the names of those 25 prophets.
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The people who bare the names of the Bible books they wrote are all prophets; plus there are many others appearing in the text of the Scriptures.

There are many more than 12 prophets in the Bible. If, however, you are asking what the names are of the twelve minor prophets, they are:HoseaJoelAmosObadiahJonahMicahNahumHabakkukZephaniahHaggaiZechariahMalachi

Jeremiah was mentioned in the bible as a prophet in all the collections of Stories of the Prophets Christianity. He can be found quoted in the New Testament.

Zero. All prophets in the bible were Men. ( not correct) - see female prophets in the bible. there are several.

The name of the books in the bible are named after prophets, deciples,kings and people like Paul and his workers .

It is not mentioned in the bible at all.

In Quran Only 25 Prophets are mentioned...Muhammad (PBUH) being the main one!!...others were mentioned in the old testoments (Torah,Plasm and Bible)!! the prophets which are mentioned in the Quran are Adam,Noah,(Abraham and his sons),Moses,(david and his son),Jesus,(Jacob & his son),Lut,Zakaria,Uzair,Younes,Idrees,Luqman...thts all i know....sorry friend..hope you will get more info from more people soon!!...=)

Only three names are mentioned in the bible all boys. They were Cain, Abel and Seth.

No the name Nissa is not mentioned in the bible at all.

All the prophets in the bible were all spiritual, if they were not they won't prophesy, becos God honours the word of a prophet.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Elijah and Elisha. All from the Old Testament section of the Bible.

Muslims, per Islam teachings, recognize and believe in all God prophets. Quran mentioned by name only 25 of them. Of those prophets, five are considered as the five greatest prophets. They are:NoahAbrahamMosesJesusMuhammadPeace be upon them all.Refer to question below for the names of the 25 prophets.

Lycans are not mentioned at all in the Bible.

About Twenty-six names of the holy Prophets (May peace be upon them all) have been mentioned in different Surahs of the Qur'an. Refer: Surah Anbia, Shu'ara, Sa'afat, Ibrahim, Noah, etc.

According to the view held by most Muslims, virtually all of the prophets mentioned in the Hebrew bible with the exception of Moses, and prophets sent all over the world. The "they killed their prophets" is a very common accusation against religious Jews in the world of Islam, hence Judaism is viewed as a corrupt version of Islam.

All the Prophets mentioned in the Scriptures - Torah, Bible, Quran and those of the Baha'i Faith teach the worship of only one God.

All the bible says that there were three wise men, who gave what is not mentioned or their names either.

Nothing, it is not mentioned at all in the bible.

All prophets are associated with Islam including whose names are mentioned in Quran. ________________________________ The greatest prophets associated with Islam are five; namely: Noah (or Nuh), Abraham (or Ibrahim). Moses (or Musa), Jesus (or Eissa), and Muhammad; peace be upon them all. Refer to question below.

People who wrote the bible books were many prophets. And all prophets were called for gods work.

If you mean the Hebrew scriptures, then 2 are definetly mentioned - Michael and Gabriel. The Latin translation for a third - Lucifer - is also noted.

This is a matter of faith as if they are real or not.

Muslims believe in all prophets mentioned in Quran which are also mentioned in old testament .

First let start by saying thatall the books the torah bible and koran is all the same in text it teaches us that there is only one god.So to name all the prophets one must name the ones who cmame before the last one ,Muhammad. That hasto start with moses and then the rest including job..So all the prophets of the torah and all the ones of the bible including the women.

It is difficult to know what you mean by "powerful", but the only names that have power and are mentioned in the Bible are Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. There were many leaders mentioned in the Bible and their names meant something when they were alive, but they are all gone now. We look forward to seeing many of them when the Resurrection takes place after Armageddon takes place, but the only names that still have power are those of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ.

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