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All terrain tires are used for off-road riding, so no they aren't. You will want something with a more sleek rounded edge instead of the all terrain tires that provide a very bumpy ride that is also harder on gas.

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I do not think you would require all terrain tires for city driving. This type of tire is usually sold for off road driving using trucks, jeeps or recreational vehicles. I think all season tires would suit your purposes.

Bf Goodrich K/O All Terrain

All all-terrain vehicles are equally equipped to drive in muddy areas. Kawasaki and Sportman all-terrain vehicles are the highest rated all-terrain vehicles to be used in mud.

Mud terrain tires are not used inside the city highways because mud terrain tires make much more road noise than an all terrain or highway street tire. Most mud terrain tires also use heavy duty construction methods.

The Cooper Discoverer S/Ts aren't to shabby,if you want to drive on the road too an all-terrain might be better but their not the greatest in the mud.

Pierre Cadorette has written: 'Handbook' -- subject(s): Safety measures, Logging, Machinery, Forests and forestry, All terrain vehicle driving, All terrain vehicles, Safety appliances

An all terrain vehicle, that is bullet proof, and can fire a cannon.

Yes... all terrain means all terrain in snow,mud,sand etc...

Rubber mats are best for cleaning and durablity.

Any all weather or all terrain depends on where you like to go.

Yes; it all depends on the altitude of the terrain. If the city is built on a mound, the flood may spread around it.

all terrain factory size for best performance and smother ride

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Your best option is to look for an all terrain atv online. There are multiple varieties of atv's for you to choose from rather than only looking at a certain stores stock and prices.

all terrain....but trackers are not all terrain vehicles.....

the terrain here is very dangerous. You can not survive the Terrain.

A motorcycle has two wheels, and is used generally for driving on a paved road way. An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) has 4 wheels and is used to drive in rough terrain like a path through a forest.

ATV stands for: A: All, T: Terrain, V: Vehicle. All-Terrain Vehicle.

There are several different things that you need to think about. What type of driving are you going to do? What kind of vehicle do you have? All weather tires are a good standard tire. Performance tires are good for sports cars. All terrain tires are better for trucks.

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An all terrain vehicle is a vehicle which is capable of achieving its max speed on all/most serfaces, such as driving on sand, mud, in snow, rain, and the regular tarmac, furthermore, it will be able to maintain full traction on these surfaces, these vehicles consist of Land Rovers, Jeeps, Fords, Toyotas etc.

Canada hasa dumb terrain

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