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Not to my knowledge. I believe each pill contains a different level of synthetic progesterone and estrogen to speficially control the way your body reacts to the hormones - hence the lay out of the pill packs. Each pill is meant to be taken around the same time, each day, in order. So skipping around and taking a Saturday pill on Monday isn't a good idea. However, if you lost a pill, it might be better for you to take the pill intended for the next day and continue from that day as you would normally rather than miss a day completely.

It depends on the pill brand. Yaz, Tricyclen, Estrostep, and Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 are all examples of pills with non-identical pills; some of these have as many as four different formulations in the same pack, counting the placebos. Check the instruction book that comes with each pack for more information.

Ive been on the pill for nearly 6 years now. I have used Microgynon (cant remember how to spell it) Dianete and Cilest and with all these the pills are identical and I havent yet heard of a pill where they are different, so if u accidentally take a different day there is nothing to worry about.

Any pills with 'tri' in the name are different. They have different doses every week. These are also the only pills that I have heard that you cannot take continuously to intentionally skip a period.

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Q: Are all the pills in the pack identical?
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What do the last five pills of Ortho Micronor have in them?

All Ortho Micronor pills are identical; there are no placebo pills in the pack.

Can you start a new pack of birth control when youre in the middle of the sugar pills to stop your period?

it is not advised. you should finish all the pills at the alotted time and then you can start your new pack, if you are still on your period and the sugar pills are completed you can still move onto the next pack.

What if you get all green pills birth control?

If you have a pack of 28 green birth control pills, you're probably on Micronor.

When coming off the pill should you stop at the end of the pack before the sugar pills or after you have taken them?

I am not a doctor, so you should verify with one before making a decision, but to my knowledge you should take all of the pills in the pack. I also learned recently that the last pills in the pack are not just sugar pills anymore. Many of these pills contain important vitamins and nutrients that your body needs during your menstrual cycle.

Can you start birth control pills in the middle of the pack had a baby cannot get into the doctors have the birth control from before i got pregnant it is 4 pills into week 2 can i take these?

In general the answer is yes... it would be ideal if the pack of pills is one of the "mono-phasic" types meaning all of the active pills are the same dosage. all of the active pills will have the same shape and color in a monophasic pack. Just try to get a new prescription in time to take a full 21 days of pills without missing any for the best results. also make sure the pills have not expired or may not be as effective.

When your first pack of pills are gone could you start another pack right away to stop your periods?

Yes you can but it really depens on what BC pills you're taking. If you get a period with these BC pills then start a new pack. Contact your doctor or Pharmacist for medical advice relating to these pills.

What if you missed 8 pills in the beginning of your pack?

well if you miss 8 pills you should always check ur pack then you can start counting

What do your inactive pills do?

The inactive pills in BCP packs are reminder pills of when to start your next pack the next month.

Do you need to take all sugar pills before starting new pack?

No. The sugar pills are just there to help you stay in a rhythm of taking the pill and so you don't forget. Some people don't use the sugar pills at all.

How do you start your second pack of birth control pill?

You should start your second pack of birth control pills the day after you take the last pill in your first pack (assuming that your pack had 28 pills in it. If it had 21, start the next pack seven days after finishing the last).You start the second pack of birth control pills the day after you finish the first pack, regardless of whether or not you're bleeding.

If you get your period in the middle of a pack of birth control pills do you need to start a new pack?

No. Continue taking your pills as scheduled, regardless of any bleeding.

Can you start a new pack of birth control pills a day early?

Starting a pack of birth control pills a day early does not increase the risk of pregnancy; in fact, it may decrease the risk. Continue taking your pills as normal. Your period will just arrive a day early that's all.

Do you start a new pack of birth control pills at the beginning of each month even if you havent finished taking the sugar pills from your current pack?

No, you finish the sugar pills and immediately go on to the next pack. It doesn't matter what day of the month it is. If you have sugar pills as you mentioned, you are on a 28 pill pack. One pill every day and on day 29 you start the new pack. Do not skip any, it could mess up your cycle.

When can you except your period on your first pack of birth control pills?

While taking the inactive pills.

Using Yaz Will you still get your period if missed reminder pills?

Yes, you will still get your period if you miss the reminder pills. They are inactive, or placebo, pills and serve only to remind you to start your new pack when your current pack is complete.

What will happen if you are unable to start a new pack of birth control pills until a week after the end of your period?

During the last week of your pills you are taking placebo pills. There are no hormones in placebo pills that have hormones to protect you from pregnancy. However, if you have been properly taking your birth control every day at the same time, during this week you will start your menstrual cycle, and you will still be protected from pregnancy. All you have to do is finish all the pills in the pack, each month. Also, you do not have to take the placebo pills because there aren't any hormones in them. You must however, not get off track starting your birth control, you must start your new pack of pills the same way you began taking the birth control.

Can become pregnant if missed 3 pills and bleeding?

You indeed can become pregnant if you missed 3 pills and are bleeding. The reason you would be bleeding or maybe spotting is because you're not taking the pills. If you've missed 3 pills in one pack, you should throw that pack away and start a new pack and definitely use backup protection!

You ended your pack of pills and was waiting to start your new pack during that time you had intercourse a few times is the birth control still in your system while waiting for the new pack?

no it is not. if you read the paper that comes with your pills you will see that.

Should you start the next pack of birth control pills when you stop bleeding or when all of the sugar pills are gone?

You take the entire pack of pills before starting a new pack, regardless of when your period starts or ends. You take one pill every day, for 28 days, and then you start a new pack of pills. The first 21 days (3 weeks) of the pills are "active" pills that contain hormones. The last 7 days (the fourth week) of the pack are placebos, sugar pills that do not contain hormones. These sugar pills are usually, but not always, a different color. NOTE: You do not have to take the last 7 days of sugar pills in order for the birth control pills to be effective. HOWEVER - many women find that if they skip taking those sugar pills during the fourth week, they do not always remember to start the new active pack on time, and in order for your birth control pill to be as effective as possible, you always want to take the pills on time without forgetting. So even though that last week is optional, I would suggest you take your pills every day. At least until you've gotten used to the whole process and are sure you can remember to start the new, active pill pack on the right day.

If you start your period 4 pills from the end of the pack should I continue to take remaining pills of the pack?

You should take your birth control pill as directed regardless of any bleeding. Just keep taking the pills on schedule.

How do you start your first pack of birth control pills ever?

There should be instructions in your pill packet. Or your doctor should have told you when they prescribed them to you.You should start your pack the first Sunday after you start your period even if your period is not over yet. Do not skip any pills and start a new pack as soon as you finish your 7 inactive pills at the end of your pack.

You missed your taking your pills for 5 days then your period came do you keep taking your pills or start another pack?

i would start another pack 5 days woaw

Can you go from sugar pills to the normal pills half way through the sugar pills in your birth control pack?

You should take the pills as directed by your doctor, if you are trying to change the first day on the new packet - yes you can start the active pills at any time after taking the last active pill in the old pack.

When you took all the sugar pills but hadn't started period so didn't start the new pack and haven't had period but both urine and blood pregnancy test were negative so when should you start new pack?

You can start taking your pills now if you wish.

What are the chances of pregnancy if you miss the first six white pills in ortho novum 777 and had unprotected sex also missed the last of the pills in previous pack?

Ok,first of all the six white pills are actually inactive...They are only sugar pills. You do not have to take them but you shud be on your period by the time you reach these pills