Are all types of vampires dead?

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their was never any kind of vampires on the planet earth it was just made up

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Q: Are all types of vampires dead?
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Which Vampires in the Vampire Chronicles are dead?

all of them????

Are all vampires immortal?

yes they are considered immortal they are dead

Are their different tipes of vampires?

yes, i do beilive their are different types of vampires: Australian breed: Vampires who have fangs, cant be in sun light, and are allready dead when they became vampires. transilvanian breed: vampires who have fangs, cant be in sunlight,and can be living or dead when changed. north American breed: vampires who don't have fangs, can be in sunlight, and are living when they become vampires. north American breed(sub-speicies): vampires who don't have fangs, cant be in sunlight, and must be living when becoming vampires. all vampires must take blood, and the quantity depends on the speicies.

Do vampires come back from the dead?

nope,VAMPIREs r the undead NOT the dead!

Was there a real dead vampire body in the world?

All vampires are dead bodies, its a requirement for the condition. And as we haven't thoroughly explored all places off-world, we can only state confidently about those vampires on the world.

Are vampires dead or alive?

they are dead but they still live

What vampires lived in translyvania?

None. Vampires are not alive--they are un-dead.

Do all vampires drink human blood?

No, to be a vampire all you have to do is steal life-force. The classical vampire does this while stealing blood but there are several types of vampires that by-pass that particular step and steal life-force by other means. See questions on types of vampires for list of such.

Why does all the vampires on True Blood want Sookie Stackhouse?

They all want her because she is part fairy. Certain vampires such as Russell, want her because they believe that her blood or powers can bring the dead vampires to life again.

Why do people like books with vampires in them?

Vampires give humans something that they want to be. Vampires are dead and sexy.

Are vampires the living dead?


How do vampires have souls if there dead?

It depends. Some of them don't really have souls at all. Just a mind. Others are dead yes, but not dead enough to have lost their soul.

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