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Are an SR22 and SR-22 filing the same thing in California?


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2008-07-21 16:13:32
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Yes, an SR22 and an SR-22 are the same thing


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You have to buy Auto Insurace and request an sr22 filing, You may also be added to your girlfriends Auto Insurance and have her Insurance company issue you an sr22. SR22 Insurance is the same thing as Auto Insurance. Only your Auto Insurer with whom you are a named insured driver can issue you an SR22 Filing. An SR22 Insurance Filing is just proof for the state that you have obtained your auto insurance.

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The same thing that happens if you did not have an Sr22. The at fault parties insurance generally pays for the accident.

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A non owners sr22 filing is insurance without owning a vehicle. The state of California requires all drivers convicted of a DUI, Wet Reckless, or an uninsured accident to acquire an sr22 filing, If you are considering purchasing an non owners sr22 filing there are a couple of things that you will need to understand. A non owners policy only covers you while you are dirving a car that is not registered in your name, provided for your regular use, registered in the same household, or used during the course of employment. Non Owners SR22 Insurance Yes, SR22 Filings are common for a Non-Owners Insurance Policy. You can contact your local insurance agent to obtain it or try one of the many online resources. Some Insurers will not offer an SR22 Endorsement as they may consider the driver high risk.

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No, Your Insurer has no ability to cancel the insurance policies of another Insurance company nor of other people in your household whether they have an SR22 or not. An Insurer only has an ability to cancel the policy of their own insured(s). if the insured no longer meets it's underwriting guidelines. The other people in your household's insurance could only be cancelled by themselves or by their own Insurer. This could happen if their Insurer determines that an uninsured, unscheduled driver in the same houshold may be operating their insured's vehicle. SR22 insurance is exactly the same thing as Auto Insurance. SR22 Insurance is a laymans term for a Form SR22 filing requirement. This is usually requested in order to avoid a drivers license Suspension. An SR22 form filing is not a type of insurance but rather the Form SR22 is Proof to a Governmental Drivers License Authority, " usually your local dmv", that you are currently insured under an Auto Insurance Policy produced by the SR22 Form Filer. The SR22 is usually filed by Your Insurance Agent if you have one or your Insurance company's underwriting department. The SR22 form is Issued by the insurer or the insurers representative at the insureds request and is generally the result of a regulatory or court ordered requirement after certain types of traffic violations or other high risk offenses. The ordered filing requirement is usually 1 to 3 years from the date of a related offense or from the date of license suspension.

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"SR22 Insurance" is just regular "Auto Insurance", they are the same thing. One just has an sr22 endorsement. Yes you can have more than one auto insurance policy if your choose on the same vehicle. However, you can not receive double compensation on a loss. That would be insurance fraud.

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