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yes you stupid dingdong

kevin jonas is married and has been for like 3 years now

if you liked or loved the Jonas brothers

you should know that

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Is any one of the Jonas brothers dating?

yes only joe Jonas he's dating camillia belle and nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas are single.

Are any of the jonas brothers dating anybody?

Kevin Jonas is married. Nick Jonas is currently dating Delta Goodrem. Joe Jonas is currently single.

Do any of the Jonas Brothers have girlfreinds?

Kevin Jonas is married, and has one child. Nick Jonas is currently dating Olivia Culpo, and Joe Jonas is single.

Do the Jonas Brothers have any girlfriends?

ANSWER: Nick is single Joe is dating Camilla Belle Kevin is dating Daniell Delesa

Did Jessica Simpson ever go out with any of the Jonas Brothers?

Nope. Jessica is too old for them, and I'm pretty sure she's either dating someone or is married.

Is any of the Jonas Brothers aopted?

No, none of the Jonas Brothers are adopted.

Who stared as the Jonas Brothers sister?

Jonas Brothers haven't any sister.

Are any of the Jonas brothers going out with somebody?

As far as pictures go, Joe Jonas is dating furture J.O.N.A.S. co-star Chelsea StaubAs far as pictures go, Joe Jonas is dating furture J.O.N.A.S. co-star Chelsea Staub

Who is the leader of Jonas Brothers band?

the leader of the Jonas brothers band is joe Jonas!

Jonas Brothers SOS do you like it?

i love any song written by the Jonas brothers

What age is appropriate for a Jonas Brothers concert?

The Jonas Brothers are good for ANY age.

Does any of the Jonas Brothers have their ear pierced?

No, they do not. I doubt that any of the Jonas brothers would ever get a piercing. -DemiAli123

Can you go out with Joe Jonas?

You could be a very lucky lucky girl if you could go out with Joe Jonas. And any way he is already dating someone.

Does any Jonas brothers has any disease?

Yes, Nick Jonas has diabetes

Jonas Brothers New Brunswick?

As of now the Jonas Brothers do not have any tours in New Brunswick.

Are the Jonas Brothers mixed with any black?

No absolutly not. The Jonas Brothers are 100% cacasion men.

Is Mandy from the Jonas brothers dating any one?

Yes she is! He is an amazing guy named Anthony Evans from the band School Boy Humor. A few of her past boyfriends include CJ Baran of Push Play (Check them out =]) and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Note: She is not one of the Jonas Brothers, just one of their very close friends who had a song written about her.

Does Miley Cyrus go out with any one and who?

For two years Miley Cyrus has been dating rock star Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. Now Miley Cyrus has been link to be dating underwear model Justin Gaston.

When will the Jonas Brothers perform in Lebanon?

There is not any schedule for the Jonas brothers to perform in Lebanon. Currently, they don't have any performances in Lebanon.

Are any of the Jonas Brothers single?

No one knows yet If the Jonas Brothers are single,But I do no that Kevin Jonas is married to Danielle Deleasa.

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