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Q: Are artificial flowers safe for birds?
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Can I use decorative vases for real flowers or do I have to stick to artificial ones?

Decorative vases can be used for normal flowers, but take care to avoid putting in unbalanced flowers, such as birds of prey.

What is an artificial florist?

An artificial florist is a person who makes or sells artificial flowers.

How do humming birds pollinate flowers?

how do birds help flowers pollinate

When was Migratory Birds of the Flowers created?

Migratory Birds of the Flowers was created in 1956.

Where can one purchase artificial silk flowers?

One can purchase artificial silk flowers from a number of different retailers. One can buy artificial silk flowers online at websites such as GandGwebStore, Afloral, and Amazon.

What are artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers are made from inorganic materials; usually colourful plastic, paper and other craft materials.

What is the duration of Migratory Birds of the Flowers?

The duration of Migratory Birds of the Flowers is 1.33 hours.

Are artificial flowers good to send to a funeral?

Silk flowers or artificial flowers will be just fine. Not only can they be more expensive than fresh cut flowers or arrangements but will of course last longer.

Do flowers that are pollinated by birds have a smell?

Flowers that are pollinated by birds do not have a sent or smell because most birds do not have the sense of smell

What is the opposite of artificial flower?

Real flowers.

Are trees wild flowers and grass artificial resources?


What types of flowers do birds visit?

Birds visit various types of flowers, which helps with pollination. To determine which birds favor specific flowers, you must pick one type of bird to research.

What is a sentence for artificial?

You don't have to water artificial flowers but they don't smell as fresh a the real ones.

How do birds pallinate flowers?

Most birds do not. However, hummingbirds may spread pollen when feeding on nectar from flowers.

What are the release dates for Birds and Flowers - 1919?

Birds and Flowers - 1919 was released on: USA: 4 May 1919

Where can I find artificial flowers?

Wholesale for artificial flowers, ceramics, glassware, wedding stuff, home decor etc, PM me if you are interested in anything, we promise you with quality, service and lovely prices :) contact me 87544 21131

What type of flowers does uiharu kazari wear on her head?

She wears a headband of artificial flowers. They are meant to resemble spring flowers.

What is Symbiosis of birds and strawberrys?

strawberries start as flowers which birds pollinate

Which birds or animals like flowers?

Humming Birds or Whitetail Deer.

What was the subject for flowers for Algernon research?

The artificial increase of intelligence .

Is there Scientific testing on artificial light on cut flowers?


What makes artificial flowers stores smell the way they do?


From which stores can I buy artificial flowers?

I love having fresh flowers in my house but they don't last very long and I don't always have the money to replace them. I have heard about artificial flowers, but I don't know where to buy them from, what stores stock them?

How do you stop birds from eating allium flowers before blooming?

Unfortunately birds are attracted to allium flowers. Devices that omit sound work well to scare the birds away as well as putting crates over the flowers.

Which is an accurate comparison of the bases found in birds as opposed to the bases found in flowers?

birds have a different arrangement of the bases than flowers.