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asteroids are a threat to us

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yes because if it lands on earth then it could block the sun and crops we have would not grow if it hits hard eough.

No, they all have a very stable orbit.

Asteroids that occasionally cross the orbit of Earth are known as Near Earth Asteroids. Asteroids that both cross the orbit of the Earth and are large enough to pose a significant threat in the event of an impact are known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.

Meteorites help us understand the composition of asteroids because meteorites are small asteroids.

Asteriods are giant rocks in the solar system that are a threat if the come really close to earth.

Yes. An asteroid of sufficient size has the potential to wipe out a good percentage of the Earths population. Identifying those asteroids in advance enables us to determine their potential threat and thus enabling us to intercept them before they impact on Earth.

None, in fact US seems be threat to the world.

whales biggest threat are us

The gravitational force of Jupiter pulls in asteroids and comets that might hit earth.

Us humans are a threat to Bengal tigers

· Apollo spacecraft (US) · asteroids · atmosphere

Iran is more of a threat to Israel. Israel is our allie.

How did US leaders respond to the threat of Soviet expansion in Europe

yes they are they will let of that mutch dust it will block out the sun if they crash in to us

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

Potentially yes. Undoubtedly the earth has been hit by asteroids in the past, but I think the last one was about 65 million years ago. I understand NASA has an ongoing search and appraisal of what is out there, but no threat in the near future has been seen.

the U.S was a threat to nova scotia as to Canada

Ozone is not a threat to humans at atmosphere. It is something which protects us from UV radiations.

They did not pose a threat to the US proper, but they did pose a threat to US shipping, and to the shipping of other seafaring nations. They were capturing ships, stealing their cargoes, and selling the crews and passengers into slavery in North Africa.

this is where the meteors burn up. keeps us safe from the asteroids.

· Apollo spacecraft (US) · asteroids · atmosphere

· Apollo spacecraft (US) · asteroids · atmosphere

· Apollo spacecraft (US) · asteroids · atmosphere

· Apollo spacecraft (US) · asteroids · atmosphere

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