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Are atoms n molecules living things?

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No, atoms and molecules are not living things. All living things, however, are made up of atoms and molecules.

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How many moles of atoms are contained in 8.5 x 1024 molecules N2?

2 (atoms N / molecule N2) * 8.5*10+24 (molecules N2) / 6.02*10+23 (atoms N / mole N-atoms) = 28 mole N-atoms

What does .n in a chemical formula mean?

This is an unknown number of atoms or molecules.

What does mr n greww stand for?

Mr N Greww stands for:M Living things must 'M'ove R Living things can 'R'eproduceN Living things need 'N'utritionG Living things 'G'row as they get older R Living things 'R'espond to stimuli E Living things 'E'xchange gases with their environment W Living things produces 'W'aste W Living things need 'W'ater

Are molecules made up of atoms of two different types of chemical?

1. Generally molecules are formed from atoms of different chemical elements. 2. But molecules containing atoms of only one element exist: diatomic molecules of Cl, F, Br, I, N, O, H, P, S; these molecules are called homonuclear.

How many atoms are involved in forming bio-molecules what are this atoms?

Each bio-molecule has a specific chemical formula and a different number of atoms; generally bio-molecules contain C, H, O, N.

How many atoms in a chlorofluorocarbon?

chlorofluorocarbons are of many molecules their possible formulas can be as follows C2H2F2 C2H3F C2HF3 number of molecules can bhi calculated by formula No of atoms= n + (2n+2)= 3n+2 where n is the number of carbon atoms. and when number of carbon atoms are more than 2 this formula is appliead and for 2 carbons total number of atoms are 6.

How much amount of hydrogen gas in 1liter water?

As we know that in 22.4lt there is one mole of any gaseous molecules. Hence in water there are avogadro no.(N) of molecules of water and in each of them are two hydrogen atoms so No. of hydrogen atoms in 22.4lt = 2 X N so No. of hydrogen atoms in 1lt water = (2 X N)/22.4

How do ecosystems depend on living n non living things?

living eats nonliving

What is Avogadro's number and how is it related to the mole?

1 mole of a substance contains 6.02 x 1023 particles (molecules, atoms ...). This number (6.02 x 1023) is called the Avogadro's constant. the forumula: n = N / NA (NA is the Avogadro's number / constant; N = number of particles (molecules, atoms...) in the substance)

What type of bond will form between N and H?

N and H atoms will form covalent bonds together. N-H molecules will hydrogen bond together.

What the mass of 5.0 moles of nitrogen atoms?

The atomic mass of the N atom is 14.0. This means that 1 mole of N atoms weighs 14.0g.Mass of 5.0 moles of N atoms (or 2.5 moles of diatomic nitrogen molecules, N2)= 5.0 x 14.0= 70g

Exactly 8.7 mol of nitrogen monoxide contains how many nitrogen monoxide molecules how many nitrogen atoms how many oxygen atoms how many total atoms of all kinds?

Multiply 8.7 by avagadros number to get the number of molecules. 8.7x6.02x1023=5.24x1024 molecules of NO. as there is 1 atom of N and one of O for each molecule there are 5.24x1024 atoms of each element. this means that the total number of atoms is 2x5.24x1024 = 1.05x1025 atoms

What are living n non living things in our environment?

living things would be a person a plant anything that needs air to breathe or food to eat. non living things would be a rock?

What living things start with n?

narwals and nut trees!

What has nitrogen in all its molecules?

Many organic molecules necessary to life all contain nitrogen (N) atoms. Amino acids that comprise proteins, cellular energy from ATPs, and the genetic blueprint of DNA all contain N.

The number of Au atoms in 1.5g of Au is?

n(Au)= 1.5g/M(Au)= 1.5/196.97 = 0.00761537mol n(Au) = No(Atoms)/N(a)therefore N(Atoms)=n(Au) x N(a)N(atoms) = 0.00761537mol x 6.02x10^23mol*-1N(atoms) approximatly equals 4.6x10^21 atoms

Which out of the two following molecules is trigonal planar shape NF3 or PCL3?

Neither. Due to the lone pairs on the N and P atoms, both molecules have a trigonal pyramidal shape.

Is nitrogen made up of molecules or atoms?

it isn't made up of atoms or molecules, and havent got a clue what nitrogen is!!! ------------- Nitrogen is a natural chemical element with the symbol N; nitrogen exist, as other many gases, as a diatomic molecule - N2.

What is formed when atoms bond covalently?

A covalent molecules are molecules formed by covalent bond(sharing of electrons) b/n nonmetals with the exception of amonium ion to satisfy octate electron.

Why are the particles of nitrogen gas called molecules instead of atoms?

Because N exist as diatomic molecule in nature.It is not a noble gas

Of the known elements only about ten are needed by living things?

Sort of true. Actually only four make up most of all living things (C O H N), and ten make up 99.9% of living matter but tiny traces (even a dozen or so atoms) of exotic elements are used (and required) by "higher organisms".

How many atoms are in 63.9g of ammonia?

Ammonia = NH3 and has a molar mass of 17.031 g/molmoles NH3 = 63.9 g x 1 mol/17.031 g = 3.752 molesmolecules NH3 = 3.752 moles x 6.02x10^23 molecules/mole = 2.259x10^24 moleculesEach molecule of NH3 has 4 atoms (1 N + 3 H), thus....number of atoms = 4 atoms/molecule x 2.259x10^24 molecules = 9.04x10^24 atoms (to 3 sig figs)

Why there is no life in dead sea n why things n living things float on its surface?

Because it is full of dissolved salt which makes the density of things lighter, and therefore makes them float.

Is carbon contained in carbohydrate molecules?

This is actually the reason they are called Carbo(n)hydrates .... They usually contain C H and O atoms ...

What are living things that begin with the letter N?

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