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Usually your insurance company will make that determination. The only time I can think of one insurance company working with another company to determine fault is if stories are mixed, or circumstances (such as weather, pedestrians, noise, etc) are too complex to tell initially.

2007-02-06 10:10:14
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Q: Are auto insurance companies in California responsible for working with the other party's insurance company to determine fault in an accident?
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Which insurance companies are based in California?

There are four insurance companies based in California. Accident and health insurance companies include Blue Shield of California and State Compensation Insurance Fund. Property and casualty insurance companies include Esurance and CoverHound.

Which car insurance companies are based in California?

There are many different car insurance companies that operate nationwide. Many insurance companies have offices and headquarters in California. The California Insurance government website has information on Low Cost Programs.

What are some of the highest rated California car insurance companies?

The highest rated car insurance companies in California are the major companies. This includes Allstate and State Farm car insurance companies.

Which companies offer auto insurance quotes in California?

There are many companies that offer auto insurance quotes in California. Some of these companies are Allstate, Nationwide and Progressive. You can also contact the California Department of Insurance for quotes.

What are some companies which provide automobile insurance in California?

Some of the companies which provide automobile insurance in California are All State and Progressive. Some other companies that provide automobile insurance in California are Liberty Mutual, Geico, and State Farm. These are a few of the different companies that one could find insurance coverage for an automobile in California.

Which companies in California offer fire protection insurance?

California Department of Insurance offers a very good, trustable insurance as well as Einhorn Insurance, California Home Insurance and Purves Insurance.

Which insurance companies in California provide General Liability insurance for pest control companies?

Philadelphia Insurance Companies Contact: Mike Bibeau

Who offers the best price on Medicare Supplemental Insurance in California?

Many companies offering Medicare Supplement insurance in California offer competitive rates. In order to determine the "best price" you have to compare plans from several companies. You can get quotes from different companies through a health insurance agent, agency or broker that is contracted with many companies and licensed to sell Medicare Supplement Insurance in California. Medigap companies take into account for underwriting and your monthly medigap premium include, Zip Code, Age, Plan Selection, Gender and Tobacco Usage. Good luck!

What companies are used to compare insurance rates for cars in California?

Some of the Companies that are used to compare Insurance rates for cars in California are Progressive and Edmunds. You can also find Insurance rates at Esurance for cars in California online.

Where can one buy motorcycle insurance in California?

One can buy motorcycle insurance in California from a number of brand name automobile insurance companies. Some of these companies include GEICO, Allstate, and Progressive.

What are some good medical insurance companies in California?

The best medical insurance companies in California are Blue Shield, Connecticut General Life Insurance, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna and Health Net. Remember to ask for a quote from multiple companies before you purchase the insurance.

What is the role of the California Insurance Commissioner?

The role of the California Insurance Commissioner is to oversee and direct the functions of the insurance department, to license, regulate and examine insurance companies.

What are the highest rated California car insurance companies?

California has a number of insurance carriers. State Farm and Geico are two companies that have an excellent reputation, both in California and the rest of the United States.

What are some companies that offer car insurance in California?

Most major insurance companies (Progressive, Geico, All State, etc.) provide insurance in every state, including California. However, there are some firms that are more local, such as AIS and California Auto Insurance.

How can a consumer find a cheap commercial insurance company?

One would have to contact several commercial insurance companies to determine which is the most reasonable. Some insurance companies will do a price comparison with other insurance companies.

Where in California can someone find mobile home insurance companies?

Some mobile home insurance companies are American Family Insurance, Progressive and All State. Farmers Insurance and State Farm Insurance also offer insurance for mobile homes.

How do insurance companies determine if business are underinsured?

Insurance companies look at what the business is worth and compare it to how much insurance already exists. If there is a deficit then the business will need to purchase more insurance.

Which life insurance companies in California offer the most comprehensive coverage?

There are many live insurance companies in California that offer comprehensive coverage. These include Primerica Life Insurance Co. and the MassMutual Finance Group.

Are insurance companies responsible for re certifying cars after frame damage?


What are the names of some companies in California that offer low cost health insurance?

There are various companies in California that offer low cost health insurance. Some of the companies that offer low cost health insurance include Blue Cross, Aetna, and Health Net.

Why do rental companies want to know your car insurance?

I can only speak for California, and in Ca we do not ask for proof of insurance. It's up to the renter to know what they have, and do not have. In Ca the renter is responsible for any damage regardless of fault.

Which insurance companies offers the cheapest vehicle insurance rates?

There are many different companies that offer different rates on vehicle insurance. It is recommended to visit these different companies to receive a quote to determine which price is cheapest.

Who provides cheap car insurance in California?

In California, there are many providers of car insurance. Some companies that claim to have cheaper insurance are The General, Titan, Esurance and Geico.

Why do you have to let the insurance company know if you already have have a insurance policy with a different company?

The reason why life insurance companies ask about other life insurance coverage is to determine if you have a need for additional life insurance. The insurance companies do not want you to be overinsured.

Where can one get auto insurance quotes in California?

Quotes can be obtained from individual insurance companies like Esurance and Allstate, or from websites like Car Insurance that collect quotes from multiple insurance companies.