Are awards given for monthly top contributors?

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No, there are no awards given to monthly top contributors on WikiAnswers. But prizes are given during WikiAnswers contests like the WikiAnswers AnswerThon.

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Q: Are awards given for monthly top contributors?
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Who are the top contributors on WikiAnswers?

To view the current lists of top contributors, click here: will see the all-time top contributors, top answerers, top editors, top contributors by date, month, and/or year, and top contributors by category.

Who is the most active wikianswerer?

The top contributors change on a regular basis. To see the current top contributors, and see previous year's top contributors, check the Top Contributors page (link below)!

What happens if you finish in the top ten of Contributors of the Month?

Your name gets displayed in the list of top contributors for that month in the Top Contributors page

Does top contributors counter reset monthly on WikiAnswers or the first of each month or from that day on the previous month?

The list are reset at the start of the month.

Who are the major contributors on WikiAnswers?

The major WikiAnswers contributors can be seen through the 'Top Contributors' list. To see the Top Contributors list, simply go to the WikiAnswers home page, scroll to the bottom, and click the 'View Top Contributors' link. There is where you see the top 100 contributors of all time, the top 50 answerers, and top 50 editors on WikiAnswers.

Who is the number one contributor of all time?

The top contributors change on a regular basis. To see the current top contributors, and see previous year's top contributors, check the Top Contributors page (link below)!

In the Top Contributors list what counts as editing?

In the Top Contributors list, recategorization counts as editing. In terms of editing on the Top Contributors list, it is basically recategorization.

Is there a Top Contributors board for ANSWERS?

Yes, there are monthly and all-time lists of user contributions on Answers. The current lists are at the Related Link below.

What is WAMMY?

The official WikiAnswers Awards (a.k.a. "The WAmmys") are given each year for excellence in contributing and other community activities. Nominations are submitted throughout the year and then contributors vote on the finalists in January. View past winners and their acceptance speeches by clicking the trophy icons on the Top Contributors page. (See below for link)

How often are the top contributor lists reset?

Monthly leaderboards start fresh on the 1st of every month. This gives all great contributors a chance to shine!

How do you track down groups of contributors on WikiAnswers so that you can read a lot of profiles?

Tracking Down a Group of Contributors in One GoTop Contributors:There are listings of the top contributors according to the following variables:OverallAnswersEditsOrganizationQuestionsCommunityHistorical (monthly lists)Special:TopsList of all the supervisors:As of April 19, 2010, there are 930 supervisors on the site.WikiFAQs:The_WikiAnswers_Super_Team

How do you view the top 100 contributors on WikiAnswers?

This information is available via the WikiAnswers Help Center.See the Related Link for the following information:-- Top 100 Answerers;-- Top 100 Editors;-- All-Time Top 100 Contributors;-- Top 10 Contributors per month of your choice;-- Top 10 Contributors per category of your choice. Or you can see the top contributors at

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