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Q: Are badgers a carnivore
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What carnivores do honey badgers eat?

One main carnivore that the honey badger eats is the snake.

Is the honey badger a carnivore or a herbivore?

Honey Badgers don't give a sh*t! They eat everything~omnivore

Are dogs in the rodent family?

No and neither are cats, foxes, ferrets, weasels, raccoons, badgers, wolverines, or skunks. They are all in the carnivore family.

Are badgers herbivores?

Although the badger is technically a carnivore, in fact their diet is actually omnivorous - it eats all sorts of plant and animal foods.

What kind of carnivore lives in the desert?

Lizards, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, snakes, toads, foxes, badgers, bobcats, cougars, wolves, coyotes, hawks, eagles

What kids of bagders?

There are Eurasian badgers, hog badgers, American badgers, ferret badgers, honey badgers, and stink badgers. I'm guessing that your question was, "What kinds of badgers are there?"

What animals live in a set?


Do coyotes eat badgers or badgers eat coyotes?

coyotes eat badgers

What is a family of badgers called?

The collective for badgers is called a colony of badgers.

What eats a jackrabbit?

Any carnivore larger than a jackrabbit can eat it. Such as snakes, hawks, coyotes, bears, badgers, pumas, mountain lions, etc.

What is the collective noun for the group of badgers?

The standard collective noun for badgers is a cete of badgers.

Can badgers float?

Badgers can swim

Do badgers have tails?

badgers do have tails.

Can badgers swim?

badgers can not swim

Are badgers mammals?

Badgers are mammals.

What is the possessive form of badger?


Are badgers herbivore?

No, badgers are carnivorous.

How can weed killer kill badgers?

Weed killers can kill badgers because of their toxicity to mammals. The animal in question (Mustelidae family member) may die from drift, or being exposed to breeze- or wind-carried droplets or granules. The carnivore in question likewise may succumb by touching a contact or residual toxic herbicide.

Are badgers and honey badgers related?


Do badgers eat other badgers?


Are badgers mammal?

yes, badgers are mammals

Are badgers marsupial?

Are honey badgers marsupial

Do wombats get called badgers?

No. Wombats are never called badgers. They look completely different, and there are no badgers in Australia.

How long are badgers?

badgers are about 1 m and 100cm

When do badgers mate?

Badgers mate in August and September