Are bases called alkali's

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Are bases called alkali's
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What chemical is opposite of an acid?

Bases and Alkalis are the opposites of acids. Alkalis are bases dissolved in water. When combined in the equal quantities, they neutralise each other.

Can you name alkalis?

something bases which can dissolve in water

Do all alkalis contain hydrogen and oxygen?

Yes all alkalis have an OH- group, however this is not true for bases.

How and why scientists use acids bases and alkalis in their labs?

because there badman

What element do all alkalis contain?

They all contain acid and bases

Is alkali strong or weak?

Alkalis, bases, vary in strength as do acids

Do all alkalis contain Hydrogen?

No, many alkalis (bases) do not. These include potassium carbonate (Na2CO3), sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), and calcium oxide (CaO).

Are acids and alkalis solutions?

Acids and alkalis (properly known as bases) are often used in the form of solutions, but most can exist outside a solution as well.

Bases which do not dissolve in water?

Bases are insoluble in water; alkalis are soluble bases.

Do lipids dissolve in base?

Yes, i believe lipids do dissolve in bases. Alkalis are soluble bases, and the strongest alkalis (pH14) are found in commercial oven cleaner. Seen as oven cleaners dissolve greases and fats in our ovens, one can assume that lipids dissolve in bases.

Why alkalis are sometimes describe as the opposite of acids?

Alkalis (bases) react with acids to neutralize them, so in one sense, they can be considered as "opposite" of acids. Bases produce pH values >7 and acids produce pH values <7.

What is the worlds strongest alkalis?

strongest bases are the hydroxides of alkali metals and alkaline metals.