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Q: Are basic human requirements while are the ways in which those requirements are satisfied?
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How do I prove a common law marriage?

First you need to find out the requirements for creating a legally recognized common law marriage in the former state. Then you need to prove you satisfied those requirements while residing there. You may need to seek advice from an attorney who specializes in family law.

Why did the court ruled that Intelligent Design is not science?

Intelligent Design does not meet the basic requirements to be considered a science. It is not based on testable evidence or experiments. The court found that those who argued for Intelligent Design did not prove that ID meets these requirements.

What are the basic necessities for the survival of the human civilisation?

those basic necessities are the earth's environment, for the human civilization to survive and continue in absence of this planet that same environment have to be recreated. I'm not talking here about saving trees and extinct animals. Without wishing to appear facetious I will attempt to answer the question as I see it:-One man plus one woman, capable of procreation, are the basic necessities for the survival of the human civilisation...

What are those requirements in secret marriage?

Give me an example of requirements for a secret marriage?

Can two unrelated men get a mortgage together?

Yes, because the only basic requirements regarding WHO can apply for a mortgage is that they must be the owners of the property and have the ability to pay the debt. To refuse to loan money to someone who meets those basic requirements would be discrimination. Commercial lenders approve unrelated owners of property for mortgages on a regular basis. That is not an issue in the mortgage process.

Abraham maslow suggested that those who fulfill their potential have satisfied the need for?


What is an antonym for disgruntled?

Contented, pleased, satisfied, pleasant, or happy. Those are the opposites of disgruntled.

Are there any more requirements?

No, those are all.

What are basic requirements to fulfill human desires?

They depend on the type of desire. Survival desires include food, water, sleep, breathing. Emotional desires include knowledge, finding meaning and purpose, to have goals and to strive to achieve those goals, to find someone you love, to give your own life meaning. At its core, the basic requirement needed to fulfill most human desires is to have already met a lower level desire. For example, the physical need for food may interrupt even sleep. As another example, the desire to find meaning in one's life may be obscured if the basic physiological needs of food, water, and sleep are unmet or if it is a struggle to fill those needs. In a sense, seeking "higher learning" also often means we've have a measure of control over other basic needs and desires.

What are common law requirements for recognition of legal personality of juristic person?

Legal Personality and not human but companies that can enter into an agreement with other and can sue or be sued. Those companies must not be for profit making.

What are the basic consideration in assisting your client with his personal needs?

Well defined needs to be satisfied Resources available to use in satisfying the well-defined needs Client agreed to process for using those resources (e.g., QA, budget, schedule)

What are non-functional requirements and how do they relate to functional requirements?

Functional & Nonfunctional Requirements • Functional Requirements: Actions that a system must be able to perform without taking physical constraints into considerations. • Nonfunctional Requirements: Describe the required attribute of the system (performance, security, etc.). With Use Case • Use cases place the functional requirements into the context of a user. • Use case can also be used to capture any nonfunctional requirements that are specific to the use cases. Misconceptions related to Use Cases • Use cases are nothing else than capturing functional requirements. • Nonfunctional requirements are captured apart from the use cases.