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Q: Are beliguim waffles really Beliguim
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This Question Might Change The World And\Or Universe, So Answer With Caution! I Have Been Thinking And Thinking About This Question Of What You Will Answer. But The Question Really Is...Do You Like Waffles?

I Like Waffles...Do You?

Who will eat waffles?

We will eat waffles!!

Polease answer this Do you like waffles?

I like the cooked waffles. But not the disturbing, blue waffles.

Are stars really made of toaster waffles?

Yes totaly all the way baby

Why are waffles called waffles?

Waffles are named waffles after fabrics with a "waffle pattern". However I don't know how the fabrics got their name.

What kind of waffles did George Washington eat?

Corn Waffles and Wheat Waffles :D

What do waffles smell like?


What are the 6 parts of a telephone script?

1.Waffles :D 2.Waffles :D 3.Waffles :D 4.Waffles :D 5.Waffles :D 6.PANCAKES

How are Belgian waffles different from regular waffles?

Belgian waffles have a lighter batter and are slightly larger than regular waffles, with deeper grid patterns.

Should you eat waffles or pancakes?

totally waffles

What to make with waffles?

Well It seems that waffles are better

Do you like waffles lyrics?

do you like waffles? (yeah we like waffles) do you like pancakes?(yeah we like pancakes) do you like frenchtoast?(yeah we like frenchtoast) do de be do can't wait to get a mouthful waffles waffles waffles do de be do can't wait to get a mouthful (reapeat)

Can vegetarians eat waffles?

Yes because waffles are primarily made of wheat, and waffles dose not have anything with animals. unless you put meat in your waffles. which only weirdos do.

When were waffles invented?

Waffles date back to the Middle Ages. The waffles we have today are modern versions of the "wafer" that were eaten then.

Arnt waffles the coolest food?

Of course! all people that like anything but waffles are weird. WAFFLES ROCK!!!

Why are waffles so popular?

Some song some guy made on the internet was about waffles and then waffles got popular.

What month is waffles made in?

Waffles are made every month.

Is the correct spelling Belgium or Belgian waffles?

belgium waffles

Whats better pancakes or waffles?

Waffles are healthier then pancakes.

Who wrote do you like waffles?

the guy who wrote do you like waffles.

Does Justin Bieber like pankes or waffles?

he likes waffles.

What are types of waffles are there?

Belgian (like a pancake) and potato waffles.

Who makes Eggo waffles?

Kellogg owns Eggo waffles

What color are organic waffles?

The same color as ordinary waffles.

Can you eat waffles?

No, I can't eat waffles, I'd get sick.2nd Answerer says:Of course I can eat waffles, and you can too!