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Yes, bits of paper are considered domestic waste and can be discarded in the general waste bin for collection. However, it is recommended to recycle paper if possible to reduce environmental impact.

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Q: Are bits of paper domestic waste?
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What are the sources of domestic waste in India?

The sources of domestic waste in India food wastes, paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, leather, yard waste, wood, glass, metals, ashes and garbage.

What is domestic waste?

Domestic waste is the garbage produced in our homes.

What is domestic pollution?

The pollution caused by domestic waste like detergents, soap,solid waste etc are called domestic pollution

How does a charged comb affect bits of paper?

The bits of paper acquire opposite charge of the comb and as unlike charge attract the bits of paper are attracted and picked up by the comb

What is domestic waste water?

Domestic waste water is any waste water that is produced by ordinary living uses. This includes liquid waste containing vegetable or animal matter.

What is Paper waste management?

Paper Waste Management may be what we call recycling paper. It is making use of waste paper. People should make use of waste paper and try to recycle it into something useful.throwing away paper which could be recycled

What did the paper clip do for the world?

hold bits of paper 2getha

What is the difference between domestic and industrial waste?

Domestic waste are products that are liable to decay while industrial waste is any material that is rendered futile after a manufacturing process

Do they cling to the bits of paper and sand?


What will happen if a wooden scale is rubbed with dry hair and bought near bits of paper?

the bits of paper will stick on the wooden scale.

What would happen if people didn't waste paper?

If people didn't waste paper

What is non toxic waste?

Non toxic wastes are wastes that do not pose a serious threat to the environment or animals if decomposed carefully. Some of the solid wastes are generated due to domestic activities such as food leftovers ,fruit and vegetable peelings, bits of paper and other rubbish often stored in dustbins .The waste produced by shops, offices, restaurants and schools do not pose a serious threat to the animals, plants or to the environment. Such wastes are called nontoxic wastes.