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Q: Are blue bottles carnivores
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Are blue crabs omnivores herbivores or carnivores?


Are blue whales herbivores or carnivores?

carnivores as they ear shrimp

What do blue bottles eat?


What kind of creatures that has blue blood?

blue bottles, blue butterflies

Are blue bottles jellyfish?

Yes, they are.

What are the ratings and certificates for Blue Bottles - 1928?

Blue Bottles - 1928 is rated/received certificates of: UK:E (2000 video)

Are blue mussels carnivores or herbivores?


How many legs does a blue bottles have?


What do you put in the blue bins?

Cardboard, paper, milk bottles, tins, glass bottles and jars.

Are blue whales carnivores?

Yes. Blue Whales feed exclusively on krill.

Are blue whales omnivores?

No, they are carnivores, they eat plankton.

Are blue crabs omnivores herbavores or carnivores?


Are blue birds carnivores or herbivores or omnivores?


How long do blue bottles live for?

2 weeks

What liquors come in blue bottles?

SKYY Infusions

How much is blue glass bottles worth?

well for blue mason jars its about 12.50

Does any animal eat blue bottle jellyfish?

a turtles eat blue bottles

Is there any champagne in a blue bottle?

Pommery has a Pommery POP that are tiny blue bottles

Are Blue whales are carnivores omnivores or herbivores?

Whales are omnivores.

What jellyfish gives the most painful sting?

Blue bottles

Are blue bottles the same as Portuguese man of war?


What can you put in the blue recycling trash can?

Glass Bottles and Cans

How do blue bottles reproduce?

They use thier Gonozooids for reproduction.

Is a blue whale an omnivore or carnivore?

blue whales are carnivores because they eat krill and plankton

How deadly are blue bottles?

All by themselves, blue bottles are not that deadly. however, in packs, they could be deadly. if you get stung, even if just one stings you, it will give you a real bad shock.