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Are blue crabs good as pets?

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If you like them, go ahead.

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Do blue crabs make good pets?

yes because you can be very good friends with the kind of creature ya know

Can crabs be pets?

Yes, but usually people have Land Hermit Crabs as pets.

Can you keep crabs as pets?

Yes you can keep crabs as can buy fiddler crabs and hermit crabs in most pet and aquarium stores.

Killed blue crabs from freezing them are they ok?

I think that's what you're supposed to do, unless they were pets.

Does shrana have blue crabs?

yes she soes have the blue crabs

Do blue crabs swim?

Blue crabs, like lady crabs, are definitely swimming crabs. The largest population of the blue crab can be found in the Chesapeake Bay.

What are hermit crabs used for?

for company and they make good pets sometimes they make squeaking sounds

Are blue crabs a vertebrate?

No, blue crabs are not vertebrates.To be exact they are invertebrate.

How many crabs are blue?

every 1 in 5000 crabs are blue

How do blue swimmer crabs reproduce?

Blue crabs produce eggs via which baby crabs arrive

How many blue crabs are there in a world?


What is the best of crabs?

Blue King Crabs!

What is the State of Maryland known for?

Blue crabs, oysters and good sea food.

Can hermit crabs and red-clawed crabs live together as pets?

I asked at pets at home, and he said the red clawed crabs can only be on there own, apart from some fish.

What do blue crabs do in the chesapeake bay?

In the Chesapeake bay, blue crabs eat and mate.

Are male blue crabs bigger than female blue crabs?

yes they are bigger.

Is it legal to keep crabs?

It is legal to keep hermit crabs for pets but I am not sure about others.

Is blue crabs renewable?

Crabs are non renewable

What do stone crabs and blue crabs eat?


Are fiddler crabs better pets than hermit crabs?

It is all up to you. I like hermit crabs better, though.

Can you hold fiddler crabs if they are pets?


What types of crabs are found in Queensland?

mud crabs, sand crabs, ghost crabs, blue swimmer.

What types of crabs are edible?

All crabs are edible, but not all of them taste good and many do not have much meat. Some of the more common edible crabs in the U.S. include dungeness, blue, king, snow, and jonah crabs.

When was Southern Maryland Blue Crabs created?

Southern Maryland Blue Crabs was created in 2006.

Why do people love hermit crabs?

because love to have them as pets. most people dont know this but hermit crabs are very loveabul.they are really cool pets and becasue they are fun cool pets