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Q: Are bluegill fish producers
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Is a bluegill internal or external?

is a bluegill fish internal or external

Is a bluegill fish endangered?

No, bluegill are a super abundant species.

Do bluegill eat fish food?

bluegill eat fish food aka your mams vagina

What group does the bluegill belong to?


Is a bluegill a bony fish?


Where can you find Bluegill fish?

You can find bluegill in fresh water. Prolly in a lake or large pond. I fish next to bridge pillars if I go for bluegill. They love wax worms..

What breed of minnow do bluegill eat?

Bluegill will eat any species of tiny fish.

Can bluegill be reared in captivity?

Yes, bluegill are a commonly used fish in aquaponics systems.

What eats blue gill fish?

what eats bluegill fish?

What does a bluegill fish eat?

Insects, worms, small fish.

What eat small fish?

A big fish, such as bass eat bluegill, catfish eat bluegill, muskies eat bass and so on.

Is a bluegill a saltwater fish?

No they live in freshwater.

Can fish like bluegill and bass out of a river survive in a pond?

Bass and bluegill do well in ponds.

What is the state fish of Illinois?

The state fish of Illinois is the Bluegill. Schoolchildren selected the Bluegill as the state fish in 1986. Although the Bluegill grows to only about 9 inches in length and weighs less than a pound, it has a reputation as one of the best fighting game fish.

What is the life span of a bluegill fish?

The average lifespan of a bluegill fish is about five to six years. Some of them have been recorded to live thirteen years.

Which fish begins with bl and has 7 letters?


How long is a bluegill fish?

Less than a foot

Can a bb gun kill a bluegill?

where I live a bluegill is a fish. Yes it is possible to kill the fish if it's near enough to the top of the water. But it a very inhumane way to kill a fish.

What fish are easy to catch?

Bass, trout, salmon, bluegill, other freshwater fish...

What kind of fish live in rivers?

Bluegill, Carp, and Coy

What are predators of the bluegill?

Largemouth Bass and other large fish

What fish live in the rainforest?

bluegill, bass, and some catfish

How should you take care your bluegill?

Bluegill should be kept in a large pond they are a sport fish rather than an aquarium fish and they're regarded as good eating too.

What are facts about bluegill?

they are pan fish, eat grubs and worms, very similair to the bluegill, when hooked, won't give up with out a fight.

What are a bluegills predators?

The bluegill is a freshwater fish that has many predators. This fish is prey to birds, turtles, and larger fish.