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Boarding schools tend to be beneficial to trouble teens since they involve calm atmospheres and well needed structure. They often include art and athletic classes for example as well as counseling.

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Boarding schools have succeeded in creating a strong mental framework among students that will help them in the long run. Children learn the lessons of self-reliance and care for others from the boarding schools. Boarding schools can be considered as a mini-university of life where children from different backgrounds stay together. The first lesson a child learns fromboarding schools is the lesson of adaptation. They make themselves adapt to the new environment, which is completely strange to them. This lesson is the primary and important lesson of life. It is one of the key ingredients of success in life. It helps the student to grow up as matured persons without any adaptation problems.

Another advantage of boarding schools is that they will enable the students to grow up as a self-reliant person. Since they live away from parents and dear ones students will learn to tackle their problems independently. Self-reliance contributes a lot in the development of a successful human being. This will help students to cultivate self-respect within them. All these contribute in the growth of confident persons who believe in themselves.

Indian boarding schools provide the students with a vast opportunity to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities. This will exploit the hidden talents of the students to the maximum. By the end of their school period, they will be groomed into matured persons who are able to take the apt decision regarding their career. The various curricular and co-curricular activities will enable the students to recognize their aptitude and talents. Boarding schools act as a foster home for students. A boarding school alumnus is able to tackle any critical situation in their life with the help of practical knowledge they gained from their school life.

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Q: Are boarding schools benefitial to troubled teens?
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How can I obtain a referral to a boarding school from troubled teens? have comprensive information on boarding schools for troubled teens.

Are there specific boarding schools for troubled teens, or can I send my child to any boarding school of my choice?

There are many boarding schools and military schools or troubled teens in Texas. The following website lists all the boarding schools in the Texas area

What is the average monthly fee for boarding schools for troubled teens?

About 8000 dollars on the average.

What is the percentage of troubled teens, in the US, that go to boarding schools during their high school years?

Less than 5% of US teens attend boarding schools for high school

Are there any boarding schools for troubled teens in Nevada?

Auldern Academy and New Leaf of North Carolina are both excellent institutions for troubled teens in Nevada.

Are there any schools for troubled teens in New York City?

There are several boarding schools and troubled teen programs in new york cities. There are even military schools for troubled teens. Its up to the parent to find the right school for their teen. I would check out My Troubled Teen. They are an organization that refers parents to boarding schools in their local area. Check out the New York section of their website here:

Is there specialised boarding schools for troubled teens ?

Yes there are. One such school is the Starr Commonwealth. You can find more information about this specialized boarding school for troubled teen at

What services do therapeutic boarding schools generally offer?

Therapeutic boarding schools offer services of a regular boarding school combined with therapeutic interventions for troubled teens. The very structured and work in teaching teens to learn through experience.

Are there any grants to pay for : boarding schools for troubled teens ?

I do not know of any grants. Some schools may offer schollarships.

Are there any schools for troubled teens in the Winona, MN area?

Cotter High School in Winona accepts troubled teens but that is the only school listed in that town. There are hundreds of boarding schools across the US for troubled teens. Saint John's Preparatory School is designed for troubled teens in that area. You can also check into Shattuck-St. Mary's School.

Is there any schools in my area of Lakewood Ohio that have financial assistance with boarding schools for troubled teen?

Taft Elementary School 13701 Lake Ave Lakewood, OH 44107-1440 is one of the boarding school for troubled teens.

What costs do you incur sending your child to a boarding school for troubled teens?

Tuition costs of boarding schools vary greatly. You can pay anywhere from $5000 - $40000.