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una bocadillo is the spanish word for sandwich. It is mostly eaten at lunch and sometimes refers to baguettes or more traditionally ciabattas.

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Q: Are bocadillos spanish breakfast food
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How do you say sandwhiches in spanish?

sandwiches = bocadillos

How do you say nibbles in spanish?

'mordica' (verb, third person, e.g. 'a squirrel nibbles nuts') 'bocadillos' (noun, plural, little bits of food)

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spanish eat breakfast before 10am

What is the translation for bocadillos no mas?

sandwiches, no more

How do you say spanish breakfast?

"Breakfast" in Spanish is "el desayuno", pronounced 'ell daysahYOOnaw'.

What is the spanish word for breakfast?

breakfast = el desayuno

How do you say i go and have my breakfast in spanish?

Como mi desayuna :) Como is I Eat. In spanish you don't say i have my breakfast you have to say i eat my breakfast :D

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