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I have a Brada dishwasher and it's the worst appliance I have ever owned.

The design of the racks is very poor. Many dishes don't fit well, glasses fall over and plates tip forward. It now needs to be repaired because the door won't close.

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Q: Are brada appliances reliable
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Who makes brada appliances?

Samsung manufactures BRADA. Sold exclusively through the Brick.

Who makes brada appliances for the brick?


Is a Brada an reliable upright freezer and do they come from Korea?

Brada produces garbage freezers. Mine just packed it in less than 2 yrs after purchase. The Brick will not help if you don't buy their extended warranty.

How tall is Kiersten Brada?

Kiersten Brada is 5' 10".

Where are brada freezers made?


Who does make Brada dishwashers?


Who makes brada televisions?

They seem to be made in China and imported by a company named Sunia - Malata. I have a Brada 19" LCD with DVD from the Brick. The same TV is sold elsewhere as the Sunia LTD 61901.

How do you update maps for GPS brada PG65601?

To update maps on the GM-351, the unit must be sent to the manufacturer for a software upgrade. There will be a charge for the updated software and shipping costs.

Where can I find dishwasher reviews?

For reliable reviews you can check out For additional reviews you can check out or

How is the Brada dishwasher rated?

Brada is a very low quality dishwasher I had mine less than one year and it had to be replaced after breaking twice. Now the new one just arrived and it is leaking. I would never buy anyhting from this company again.

Brada Microwave is made bay company name?

Made by Samsung only for The Brick store

What does error code ER mean on a brada dishwasher?

The manual for Brada model ep9242aww says: Error Code E1 = longer inlet time. Possible Causes: Faucets not opened, or water intake is restricted, or water pressure is too low.