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Q: Are breathable crib bumpers safe
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Which company has safer crib bumpers, Carters or Razzle Dazzle?

Both Carter's and Razzle Dazzle crib bumpers are safe for putting in your baby's crib.

What is crib set?

A crib set is : crib bumpers, a sheet and a blanket

What is the purpose of cot bumpers?

The purpose of cot bumpers are to prevent strangulation risks and also to improve the appearance of the child's crib. Cot bumpers prevent babies from lodging their limbs between crib slants.

Where can you buy the plastic molding that goes around an older wooden portable crib? has a number of crib bumpers available ; see relevant link below .

Where can one purchase bedding for a baby crib?

You can purchase baby bedding at retailers such as Babies R Us and Target. They have complete sets available or you can just buy the crib sheets and bumpers separately.

Is it safe to leave your child in a crib by themselves at night?

It is safe to leave a child in a crib at night. As long as the child has not outgrown the crib and is still young enough that they have not figured out how to operate the drop down side it is perfectly safe.

Why do experts discourage the use of crib bumpers?

The American Pediatric Society discourages the use of crib bumper pads for several reasons. Bumper pads are only decorative in nature since laws now regulate the size between the slats of a crib. Bumper pads have a risk of causing strangulation or suffocation.

Does the Little Miss Liberty Fantasy Enchanted Forest Round Baby Crib Bedding come in rectangular crib bedding?

The Little Miss Liberty Baby Crib does come with the typical and safe rectangular crib bedding.

Crib mattress safety?

You can find a cheap and safe crib mattress on the following website: They are very popular.

What is the difference between a crib and a convertable crib?

Convertible cribs are constructed so they can be changed from a crib to a toddler bed and beyond. They're just as safe, as long as you buy from a reputable source.

What material are crib bumper pads made of?

Crib bumper pads are made with a variety of fabrics with most companies having their own preferred choice. Most bumper pads have been replaced by the alternative breathable mesh because of the recent wave of suffocations caused by the pads.

Are round cribs safe for baby?

Round cribs, as with any other crib, are safe so long as they are designed correctly. A round crib is an excellent choice but it is recommended to purchase from a know and respected manufacturer.

When was the crib bumper invented?

Over the years people have used many items in cribs as bumpers to protect children. Blankets and towels were used in older times. Bumper pads came out in the 80's and were considered a decor as well as a safety item and were sold with many crib sheets.

Is pottery barn crib bedding completely safe for children?

The Pottery Barn crib bedding is safe for children, however, nothing can be safe around children without parental supervision. Care must be taken to keep any bedding from covering he head of the child.

Where can I find an organic crib bumper?

Its great that you take into consideration our earth even when it comes to your little ones, the best for them comes from pure mother nature. Two of my favorite places for eco friendly baby items including crib bumpers is and both have a nice selection of baby items.

Who makes the best crib mobiles?

Bright, attractive and safe crib mobiles are made by companies like Bright Starts and Tiny Love. Lamaze, Baby Einstein and Kushies also make good crib mobiles.

How do you evaluate a crib for safety?

If you can't put a grapefruit through the bars it's probably safe. Also, check online to make sure that particular crib has not been recalled. Be sure to check for sharp edges inside the crib and ensure there is not a gap between the mattress and the sides of the crib.

What are reasons for one to purchase a canopy crib?

The reasons for one to purchase a canopy crib may varies. It can be because they want their baby to be more safe, feel comfortable or simply they think buying a canopy crib is worth the money.

Where can I find information about crib baby bedding?

When purchasing baby bedding remember to eliminate any ruffles and crib bumpers, just a simple blanket will help the baby sleep the night away. Organic bedding will help reduce your babies intake of any toxic chemicals and will allow for a more even balance of temperature.

What is a cot bumper used for?

Cot bumpers are used for baby cribs to protect the baby from hitting its head against the bars of the crib. There is some controversy surrounding them though as they have caused suffocation in some cases.

Is the crib in the Jamie Crib, Changing Table, and Chest/Dresser Set a safe bed?

The Jamie Crib Set is very durable and has been shown to pass all current safety tests for your child. You can take comfort in knowing your child will be protected.

Are teddy bears safe in a crib?

Yes, our late President would be sorely disappointed if they were not.

What makes it safe to live on Mars?

Breathable atmosphere, lots of fur coats, algae, water, and impenetrable shelter.

Is Saturn safe able too live on?

No. Saturn is very cold and windy, and does not have breathable air or a solid surface.

Where can I find information on baby cribs and safety issues?

There is a lot of information about baby cribs on websites that do crib reviews. You may want to read a few of these to determine if the crib you are planning on purchasing is safe.