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No. They are black with yellow stripes; or yellow with black stripes. Does it really matter?

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Are female bumble bees black?

they are light brown in colour.

Do carpenter bees attack bumble bees?

Carpenter Bees do not attack bumble bees.

Were do bumble bees sleep?

When not out foraging, bumble bees will be in their nest.

What is a bumble bees prey?

what is the bumble bees prey

Can bumble bees dig through concrete?

Bumble bees can not but honey bees sure can!

Do bumble bees live in hives?

No they do not. Bumble bees live underground.

Where do bumble bees live?

Bumble bees live in small nests.

What 19 species of bumble bees are there?

There are about 250 separate species of Bumble bees, and if you need their names, the entry on Bumble Bees in Wikipedia will guide you.

Do bumble bees experience any senses?

Bumble Bees use their antennae to feel around and smell things. They use their front legs to eat.

What can bumble bees sting you?

Bumble bees can sting, but they really have to be provoked before they do.

Where do Bumble Bees make their nests?

Bumble bees make underground nests.

How many pairs of wings do bumble bees have?

Bumble bees have two pairs of wings

Do bumble bees eat flies?

bumble bees don't eat flies. -Tk

What is the climate like where bumble bees live?

Bumble bees prefer a temparate climate.

What bees are in Scotland?

Bumble bees and honey bees.

What is the difference between bumble bees and boring bees?

bumble bees= honey bees and the ones that pollinate things boring bees= the ones that sting you and then die

Can early bumble bees sting?

Bumble bees can sting, but they really need to be provoked before they will.

Are bumble bees herbivores?

Yes Bumble bees are herbivores because they eat honey and nectar

What color are bumble bees?

Bumble bees are barrel-shaped, fuzzy, and striped with yellow and black.

How is a bumble bee diffrent from a honey bee?

Yes, bumble bees are generally larger and are kind of fuzzy. Bumble bees do not lose their sting and die if they use it, as a honey bee will. (add) This is because bumble bees' stingers lack barbs, as honey bees do. This allows the bumble bees to sting repeatedly. The female bumble bee tends to be more aggresive than males(end).Honey Bees tend to be more aggresive

Do the bumble bees have any special habit?

well... the like to make baby bees and boo-bies

When do bumble bees make honey?

Bumble bees do not produce honey. Honey bees produce honey. They are two different species.

What color are a bumble bee's eyes?

I've seen photos of bumble bees with green eyes and brown eyes. I have my own photo of one with blue eyes.

Why are bumble bees dying out?

Bumble bees are dying out due to disease. They believe it is the same issue honey bees have contracted but the issue is worse with honey bees.

How many legs do bumble bees have?

Bumble bees, like all other insects, have six legs.

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