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Are bunnies good pets?



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yes, bunnies are great pets! i have 2 myself and at first they may be a little vicious but they grow out of it. plus they are really cute!

This, of course, is a matter of opinion. I personally think that rabbits are the ideal pet, but they may not be for you. Before you get any pet, you should thoroughly research it and the time/money/care you have to put into it. As for rabbits, though... I see them as a kind of cross between a cat/dog and a hamster. They've got a lot more personality than a hamster, like a dog or cat (they'll play with you, cuddle you, lick you, you can take them for walks, etc) and they can run around your house, but they're similar to a hamster in pretty obvious ways (they live in a cage, they chew things, you have to clean their cage, they don't make a lot of noise). Rabbits can hold their own with cats (my cats are actually afraid of my tiny little 3 lb dwarf rabbit), especially if it's a big rabbit...just get him neutered...and most cats will cuddle up to and even groom rabbits. I, personally, have never had a rabbit around dogs, but with some training your dog should be fine (but make sure to keep your rabbit safely in its cage when introducing them!), or, if its a big rabbit (some, like the flemish giant, can get up to almost thirty pounds...bigger than some dogs), he'll probably be all right. But, again, take precautions and do more research on these kinds of things before introducing your rabbit to other pets. Rabbits (especially small ones) can get stressed out really easily, too, by the way, so consider that. Rabbits are pretty delicate animals, so they are not good for small children, who can get rough. However, the bigger the rabbit, the more they can take care of themselves.

All in all, I think rabbits are the perfect pets... They're cuddly and playful, yet they don't need constant attention. But please, please, PLEASE, do your research before getting a rabbit, or any pet, to make sure it's right for you. If you do decide to get a rabbit, I recommend getting one from your local shelter. They will neuter the rabbit for you and make sure it's in good health, plus, you'll be giving a needy rabbit a home. I've heard people talk about getting rabbits from a breeder for upwards of a hundred dollars, or spending tons to get their pet neutered, but I got my netherland dwarf from a shelter for $30, all health costs included.