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Are buttercup plants bad for goats?

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Yes, unfortunatly, they are. Buttercups contain an acrid, volatile alkaloid-amenenol, strong enough to blister the skin and cause inflammation of the intestinal tract. Cattle and goats poisoned by buttercups produce bitter milk and a reddish color. The toxic material volatilizes and is lost when buttercups are dried as in hay. 25 A heavy growth of buttercup is an indication of low soil fertility. Have the soil analyzed and apply ground lime and fertilizers as their need is shown. The increased grass growth soon crowds out buttercups.

2007-10-19 18:41:42
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Are tomato plants and kiwi plants poisonous to goats?

No, neither kiwi plants or tomato plants are poisonous to goats. Some plants that poisonous to goats are oleander, wild cherry, and lilacs.

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How does buttercup plants protect itself?

it does something

What are two native plants in china?

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Can goats eat stinging nettles?

No, goats can not eat stinging nettle plants. These plants are poisonous to goats and can be very harmful or even lethal to them if ingested.

Do goats eat animals or plants?

goats do eat plants but not sure about animals but maybe small animals

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Do mountain goats eat plants?

Yes they do. Mountain goats are herbivores.

Are goats carnivores?

No, goats are herbivores - they derive the majority of their calories from plants.

What plants can goats not eat?

Cotton and coffee plants.

Do goats eat pigs?

No goats are herbivorous as in eat only plants and vegetation.

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Is poop a food for goats?

Absolutely not!! Goats eat a variety of plants, but definitely not feces.

Will goats eat toxic plants?

Yes they can but plants that are toxic to goats will make them very sick - scours, liver problems even death.

Are strawberry plants edible?

Yes they are. But only goats eat plants.

Are day lilies poisonous to goats?

The day lily is only poisonous to dogs, not goats. Plants that are poisonous to goats are milkweed and rhubarb.

What kills goats?

Bad health

What does a yeti eat?

Plants, goats and yaks.

Do baby goats know what plants are poisonous to them?

no not at first, some goats never find out so be careful if they are kept around such plants, especially yew!

Why do organisms that eat goats contain less energy from the goats than the goats obtain from the plants they eat?

use enegy for their own motabolism!

Are dahlias poisonous to goats?

No, dahlias are not poisonous to goats. The plant is poisonous to dogs and cats though. Goats can't eat photosensitizing plants.

How can goat cheese become contaminated?

when they milk the goats the goats udders can be infected, and that means bad milk - which then gets made into bad cheese.

What kind of houseplants will harm goats?

The majority of house plants are toxic in some form to goats - look in your local library for a text on plants toxic to stock.

How do you keep goats out of your garden?

With a goat-proof fence as some common garden plants can be toxic to goats.

What Food does a yeti eat?

Plants, goats and yak.