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What do chefs do?

Cooking \n. \nChefs cook and make food for all of us humans to enjoy.\n. \n Well... \n. \n"Chef" is French for "chief" or "boss." The chef is in charge. In a very small restaurant the chef might be in charge of himself, and he'd cook everything. In a little larger kitchen, there might be a ( Full Answer )

What is a chef?

\n. \n A chef is someone who cooks professionally. \n. \nA chef is also a person who never retires until he wants. A chef is a professional cook; the term comes from the French, 'chef de cuisine', literally 'head of the kitchen', from 'chief', 'leader'.

What is the formula used to determine the maximum allowable amperage for a given circuit?

There is no single 'formula' for this, as the maximum current a circuit can handle depends on the temperature the various components within that circuit can operate at, without deterioration. There are so many factors involved, such as the type of component, the type of insulation, whether it can co ( Full Answer )

What types of chefs are there?

You've got your One Chef, your Sous-Chef, your Red Chef, and your Blue Chef. No seriously, here are the different kinds: . Chef de cuisine , executive chef and head chef . Sous-chef . Expediter . Chef de partie . Commis (Chef) For more, check out the "Chef" article on Wikipedia..

Who is chef panterelli?

Panterelli was the Medici chef, Popelini came later. According to Claude Juillet in Classic Patisserie: An A-Z Handbook: "In 1533, when Catherine de Medici left Florence to marry the Duke of Orleans who was later to become Henry II, King of France from 1547, she brought with her to France her entir ( Full Answer )

How many h orbitals are allowed in a given shell?

The number of orbitals in a given shell fit the equation 2(L)+1, where L=the angular quantum number. L=0 corresponds with the s orbital, L=1 with p orbital, L=2 with d orbital, L=3 with f orbital, L=4 with g orbital, and L=5 with h orbital. Therefore, we use 5 for L in the original equation and w ( Full Answer )

Skills of a chef?

Being a skilled cook, organisation, reliability, hygiene, stamina. Amicability and tolerance also help, as does creativity.

What are facts about chefs?

They cook good meals. We probably have they worst diet.. even though we are surrounded by food all daywe dont eat 3 or 5 square meals a day, we are either grazing all day or eating 1 or 2 massive meals a day.. nothing sorry Answer They work with knives and fire. They work with a lot of people and ( Full Answer )

What is commie chef?

A Commis Chef is simply a trainee chef. They generally help the other chefs in the kitchen by doing the 'simpler jobs' such as preparing the vegetables and sometimes by helping the kitchen porters wash the plates and utensils

What is it that was given to you?

Unless I am misreading something, this question might need some clarity. Let me know when you update it and I will be happy to answer your question. Do you mean at birth? (then chromosomes)

Do you call a sous chef 'chef'?

It depends on the circumstance. If the sous-chef outranks you, it is not necessarily wrong to address them as "Chef". Usually the title is reserved for the Executive Chef or Head Chef, and addressing one of their subordinates as "Chef" in their presence could be perceived as an insult. It depends on ( Full Answer )

What is the subnet mask to allow 510 hosts given the ip address

The idea is that you have enough bits in the host part (the zeroes at the end) to accomodate 510 hosts. That is, 9 or more bits at the right of the subnet mask should be zero. Like this: 11111111.11111111.11111110.00000000 Now just convert that to decimal. Using the Windows Calculator (or doi ( Full Answer )

Where you have given?

Unless I am misreading something, this question might need some clarity. Let me know when you update it and I will be happy to answer your question.

Will an electron excite if it is given energy that will allow it to exist in between two energy levels?

Will an electron excite if it is given energy that will allow it to exist in between two energy levels? No An electron can only exist in specific energy levels. Giving an electron more energy can make it escape from the attraction of the protons completely and the atom now has 1 less electron and ( Full Answer )

What is they benefits of chef?

you can learn how to make wonerful food and learn how to make healthful or hurtful foods around the world

What is the possessive of chefs?

The possessive form of the plural noun chefs is chefs' . example: The chefs' uniforms must be sparkling white.

What is a rounds chef?

Have an overall awareness of the food service environment and the ability to execute all aspects of the food service operation. . Have the ability to communicate and delegate all responsibilities of the operation to the associates. . Have exemplary leadership qualities and the ability to lead by e ( Full Answer )

What is the demand for chefs?

There is a very high demand for chefs throughout the world, primarily in big cities, but there is still a lot of demand for chefs in the smaller, less populated areas of the world also.

Do chefs need degrees to be a chef?

Yes chefs do need a 4-year program degree to become a chef and when you get out of college you will make a low salary but when you are more experienced your salary will definietly go up.

Where is the chef on panfu?

The chef on panfu is inside the restauraunt in San Franpanfu. He/She will be on the right, next to the door.

What is the given?

Unless I am misreading something, this question might need some clarity. Let me know when you update it and I will be happy to answer your question. If this question regards proofs in Geometry, then the "given" constitutes everything that is labeled.

Which chefs remain on Top Chef?

angelo, kelly, amanda, tiffanny, kevin, ed, and alex. as of 8-12-10 amanda and alex should go home. kenny was the last to be iliminated.

Does a wife have to pay taxes on the allowance given monthly by husband?

If the monthly amount is supposed to be ALIMONY payments YES the monthly Alimony payment amounts would be taxable income to you on your own 1040 income tax return. If you are still married and filing a married filing joint income tax return all of joint worldwide income would be reported on the MF ( Full Answer )

How do you get on top chef?

Bravo has casting calls in major cites for the upcoming cities. Also many times high profile chefs recommend and recruit some of their chefs to go onto the show.

Should allowance be given to kids?

I don't give allowance. They get everything they need and some of what they want. Having said that, they have the option to work to make money. Both my kids have gotten "real world" paycheques selling scrap metal they have picked up, some of it at their dad's business for cleaning up.(Over $100 each ( Full Answer )

Are Muslims allowed to use real-wishes dot com given that they pray to Allah?

Muslims are required when asking or wishing something to ask only Allah (God in English) and wish what they want from only Allah. Allah is your Creator and is the All Mighty All Merciful All Giving All Capable and All Donor. This site of is fake and not true. You never get wishes tru ( Full Answer )

What is chef rotisseur?

Probably the oldest hospitality club originating in France but now international, It's rumored that it had something to do with roadside rest stops. The word means "Roaster" in English.

What is a dietary chef?

Dietary chef is a chef who in making meals and food for customers keeps their dietary needs in mind, when I went to culinary school we were made to take nutrition so when given a challenge of different diets people are required to have ( I.e low sodium no protien, high protien, no grains) mostly a d ( Full Answer )

Shall i be a chef?

Most don't earn much so only if it's a stepping stone to something else restaurant related and you are not interested in anything more lucrative .

What is a sew chef?

They create a menu. They answer phones. They are in charge of the kitchen staff. Hope that helps.

What is an expo chef?

An expo chef ensures that the food is sent out properly, according to the customers specifications. This chef is responsible for plate preparation, such as adding garnishes or gardens (ie. let, tom, onion on a burger dish). He also keeps track of ticket times, and will notify the other chefs when he ( Full Answer )

What is a gastromolecular chef?

A gastromolecular chef is a food scientist that employs principles of chemistry and physics in the practical art of creating restaurant cuisine. The kitchen of a gastromolecular chef may be stocked with a variety of food-grade chemicals including pH solutions, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, e ( Full Answer )

What does a chef do regulary?

All they pretty much is cook, prepare food etc., in order to satisfy their customers needs.

What are the given?

This is called " given" . This is part of a mathproblem. If you want to solve the problem, " given" ishere. This is a numbers that were join on the problem. You willstart in asked to end at the answer. If " given" is notpart of a problem,you will not allowed to answer the questions. Example: Ma ( Full Answer )

Are normal people allowed in a chefs kitchen?

Depending on the type of restaurant and the desires of chef, normal people may be allowed in the chefs kitchen. Some chefs encourage this and it allows diners to be part of the cooking process and adds a whole other level appreciation in the consumption of the meal.

Why is (and others) allowed to closet bad reviews thereby allowing poor products or services to be given the impression of being okay?

It's because our internet isn't truly open. We call out certaincountries such as China for locking out or disseminatinginformation from net users, but do not admit to doing that to ourown people. Only in the U.S., this information is controlled bybusiness AS WELL AS our government. And the Freedom o ( Full Answer )