Are chef given allowances?

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What do chefs do?

Cooking \n. \nChefs cook and make food for all of us humans to enjoy.\n. \n Well... \n. \n"Chef" is French for "chief" or "boss." The chef is in charge. In a very sma

What is a chef?

\n. \n A chef is someone who cooks professionally. \n. \nA chef is also a person who never retires until he wants. A chef is a professional cook; the term comes from t

Who can be a chef?

Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.

Should allowance be given to kids?

I don't give allowance. They get everything they need and some of what they want. Having said that, they have the option to work to make money. Both my kids have gotten "real
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Are normal people allowed in a chefs kitchen?

Depending on the type of restaurant and the desires of chef, normal people may be allowed in the chefs kitchen. Some chefs encourage this and it allows diners to be part of th