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The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debt.

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2014-02-24 18:53:32
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Q: Are children responsible for the debts of their deceased mother in Illinois?
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Are children responsible for their deceased mother's debt in the state of Maryland?

Typically they are no responsible. However, the estate has to resolve it before making a distribution.

Is my mother responsible for my deceased father's medical bills?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debts. Your mother will indirectly have to resolve the debts before the assets are released.

Who is responsible for paying your deceased mother bills in Alabama?

Your mother's estate is responsible. If you signed the paperwork on some items, you could be held responsible.

What if deceased mother left bills with no estate?

The children are not personally responsible for the bills, unless they co-signed them. However, the estate is responsible. Which means that the estate may be depleted and a lien placed on the house. The children may not inherit anything.

Are you responsible for your deceased mother's debt with an applicance store?

If you were not listed as a joint account holder you are not responsible for the debt.

Are children of deceased given priority over mother of deceased?

Yes, children have priority over the mother of the deceased. They are the descendants it get priorty second only to a surviving spouse. Even without a will the spouse will come first, then children. Parents are next, then siblings.

Property distribution of intesteste mother having 3 children but one died having 5 children?

The five children of the deceased child would inherit the deceased child's share of the mother's estate, unless the mother's will says other. For example, if the mother's estate is to be equally divided amongst her 3 children, then one-third of the mother's estate is split amongst the five grandchildren of the deceased child.

Are children of a deceased mother responsible for her utility bills?

The estate has the responsibility to settle all debts, including utility bills, not the heirs. Once that is done, the remainder can be distributed.

Who is responsible for funeral expenses of their mother?

her children.

Who is next of kin of deceased aged 62 when their mother is 92 and has children aged over 21?

The term "next of kin" refers to immediate family - mother/father, then children, then grandchildren. The spouse of the deceased would be first, followed by the children.

Is my mother responsible for my deceased father's credit card debt?

No one can really answer that. We do not know your mother and your person story with them. No one can answer this except your mother. Ask her.

What happens if a surviving step-mother refuses to give assets to the children of the deceased as decreed in the deceased's will?

She is interfering with the distribution of the estate. She can be sued.

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