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Chipmunks are prey, as they eat only berries and nuts and have many predators such as hawks and large birds!


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Chipmunks do not have any prey because they only eat berries and nuts. In fact, chipmunks are the prey because they have very many predators.

they are prey and predators

Prey bugs and predators leapords

4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!4 predators and 4 prey that the predators have killed for their dinner!

Th boxers pray is squarls rabits chipmunks and anything small there predators are wild animals and people that r mean

So the prey can hide from predators and the predators can sneak up on the prey unnoticed.

Predators eat the prey. The prey gets eaten or killed by the predator.

prey is mice insects and the predators are birds of prey an other reptiles

what are the predators and prey of a great dane

There are always fewer predators than prey because there have to be enough prey to reproduce and still keep the predators alive. If there were more predators than prey, the prey population would quickly be reduced to near zero and the predators would starve.

They are prey to various viriaty of preadators.

Predators need to survive by eating the prey. When the predators eat the prey, they control the population of the prey so that the prey doesn't overpopulate.

The chipmunks are valuable to the environment because they move seeds around for tree regeneration. They also play a valuable role as prey for predators in the area.

Chipmunks will usually make a chirping noise when they feel threatened by predators. Female chipmunks chirp to attract males.

Prey, because the prey use camoflage to hide themselves from predators. Also, predators could also use it to hide from other predators or hunters (humans).

it is a prey thank you

The connection between prey and predator is that predators are organisms that eat other organisms, and prey are the organisms that are eaten. For example, lion's are predators and zebra are an example of their prey. This can also refer to plants: rabbits are the predators and lettuce is the prey. Without prey, the predators would have nothing to eat. Without predators, the preyy population would increase to the point of overpopulation.

No, they are complete opposites. Predators are the ones hunting, and the prey is what the predator is hunting.

Predators are not eaten by their prey. It's the other way round!

chipmucks are both if you think about it

Nuts,seeds,and little bugs

Most prey have:Good eyesight for seeing predatorsLarge ears to hear predators approaching.

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