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Q: Are chocolate and hazelnut brownies from France?
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Is Nutella really chocolate?

Yes it is Chocolate and hazelnut

What is a chocolate made of hazelnuts called?

hazelnut chocolate

What is chocolate made with hazelnuts called?

hazelnut chocolate

What is in nutella?

It's a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut butter. I'm sure it has other ingredients such as sugar and preservatives, the chocolate and hazelnut are the many flavors.

Is Nutella a chocolate spread?

Yes, it is a chocolate hazelnut spread.

Why are these chocolate treats called brownies?

Brownies are called brownies because they are brown.

What are blonde brownies?

white chocolate or cheesecake brownies!

What is the difference between a brownie and a chocolate cake?

Brownies are denser. The proportions of sugar / fat / flour are different in brownies and chocolate cakes. Brownies have relatively little flour and more cocoa (or chocolate) than chocolate cakes have. That is why one eats a much smaller piece of brownies than one eats of chocolate cake.

How much chocolate syrup and chocolate chips do you put in a box mix of brownies?

Enough to make brownies.

What is croquant?

Chocolate with crushed hazelnut in

What is brownies?

Brownies are a sweet dessert that are like eating chocolate but not that sweet

How Brownies?

Brownies are a delicious food usually containing lots of chocolate

What is the function of chocolate in brownies?

Chocolate or cocoa provides the primary flavor in brownies. The exception would be bar cookies called "Blond Brownies" in which the flavor comes from brown sugar and butter.

What is the name of the chocolate bar with hazelnut and caramel centre topped with white chocolate?

A supreme cocoa candy chocolate

Are brownies heathly?

Not even remotely. Brownies are primarily sugar, butter and chocolate.

What are the 3 important things when cooking chocolate brownies?


What is nuttela?

nuttela is a chocolate hazelnut spread in Australia

How much chocolate is needed for chocolate brownies?

To make delicousily rich chocolate brownies you will need 300g of dark chocolate broken into small pieces. To find out more about this certain recipe go to:

Where can one find a recipe for Hazelnut Chocolate Biscotti?

You can find many recipes for Hazelnut Chocolate Biscotti on the websites The Joy of Baking, Food Network, My Recipes, Smitten Kitchen and All Recipes.

Is there a state recipe for Oregon?

Yes there is, it is Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Do Italians have brownies?

We lived in Italia for 6 years. Both in the North and south. Italians do not have brownies, they favor sponge cakes, with liquer in them or hazelnut feelings. they do have cakes. I never once came upon a brownie.

Are Chocolate Brownies vegan?

Read the ingredient list to check for eggs and dairy products. To be certain, you can make your own vegan chocolate brownies.

Is nutella good?

To most people, yes, Nutella tastes very good. It is a chocolate hazelnut spread, but the hazelnut cannot be tasted that much.

How do you say brownies in spanish?

"Brownies" are called "bizcocho de chocolate y nueces" in Spanish. The translation actually means "chocolate cookies" and is used to mean any cookie made of/with chocolate.

Is fudge like a brownie?

brownies and fudge are only alike because they are chocolate flavorred. Brownies are like squares of chocolate cake, when fudge are moist chocolate squares with rich cchocolate filling on the inside and outside.