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No. Computer Viruses only affect computers. Biological viruses affect animals and humans.

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Q: Are computer viruses and biological viruses the same?
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Do bacteria cause computer viruses?

No. Computer viruses are only called "viruses" by figurative analogy with biological viruses. And biological viruses (such as chickenpox, hepatitis, and the flu) are not the same as disease-causing bacteria (such as strep throat, tuberculosis, and lyme disease).

Which form of virus was discovered first Computer Viruses or Biological Viruses?


What are computer viruses similar to?

Biological viruses.

How are computers and biological viruses alike and different?

how are computer and biological viruses alike and different

How did computer viruses first get their name?

By analogy with biological viruses.

How are Biological Viruses and Computer viruses alike?

Computer viruses can infect a file much like a Biological virus can infect a cell, they then spread from file to file or cell to cell.

What is the difference between biological viruses and computer viruses?

Biological Virus can kill youComputer Virus can just kill your computer, not you.Neither is living.*computer virus it is software which corrupt the system *biological virus which cause decease in human body

What term best describes viruses?

Biological viruses are pathogens that can affect either humans or animals. Computer viruses are manmade computer coding as a program intended to disrupt the normal use of a computer and networking.

How are computer viruses like biological viruses?

Computer viruses are called "viruses" after the biological type of virus because of a few similarities:Computer virusesare self-spreading and reproductivespread to other computers (through internet, email, CDs, usb keys)damage the host computer andcan be prevented by "vaccination" or telling anti-virus software to block all flagged softwareHowever it is vital to realize that computer 'viruses' are malicious scripts invented by people, while biological viruses are proteinaceous particles which are often not created by people.

How are computer viruses similar to and different from biological viruses?

Both types:are spread by contact with a contaminated sourcecan be blocked with defensescan be modified and weaponisedcan go away after a time if certain measures are takencan kill whatever they infectcan change over timecan be costlyDifferences:computer viruses only work in a computer hostbiological viruses only work in a biological hostbiological viruses can spontaneously mutatecomputer viruses are createdbiological viruses are far more complex

Where do viruses come from?

Computer viruses are bits of code written by people that behave like their biological counterpart. Biological viruses are bits of active DNA that wrap themselves in a protein sheath. They are made when a virus hijacks a normal cell and causes it to make more viruses.

How are computer viruses and biological viruses alike?

I think there alike because they all still have that infection in them so it really doesn't make a difference.

Can computer viruses harm people?

Computer viruses and biological viruses are not the same thing. A computer virus can not infect a person. However, computers are everywhere, controlling lots of things. Irreplaceable data can be corrupted and destroyed by viruses. Also, mechanical systems which are controlled by vulnerable computers could be infected, and cause physical harm. And infected information systems can cause financial harm to companies which rely on them, and, indirectly, to employees and clients.

Are viruses mechanical or biological?

Biological vectors include viruses as well as plasmids.

What can viruses not infect?

Biological viruses. Rocks, glassware, pottery etc. Inanimate objects such as these cannot be infected by viruses though they may be on the surface of them.Computer viruses only infect programmable machines including mobile 'phones etc.

How The Name viruses in computers?

Similar to biological viruses, they have the capacity to reproduce. Also, they infect files - becoming part of the file. This is similar to biological viruses, invading the cell.Note that in popular usage, the term "viruses" is used for many types of malware (malicious programs); but a computer virus is actually only a very specific type of malware.

Could a computer virus spread to other computers like an biological virus?

Sort of. If you think of sharing data as the computer equivalent of sex, many computer viruses are then STDs.

Why are computer viruses call viruses?

It's about the same thing as a human virus (in other word's it infects the victim,and in this case it's the computer)

What is the modern version of a virus?

A virus. They are not obsolete an likely never will be. There are electrical viruses a.k.a. computer viruses. But the biological ones are very much still around. Like H1N1 or Ebola.

How are computer and biological viruses alike and different?

Computer viruses are created by human beings and are spread by contacting virtually (e-mail, etc.), downloading things that have a virus, or just visiting sites that have a virus planted in them. (Sites that are advertised on TV have an extremely low chance of having viruses, for example Neopets or Free Realms. Also very popular sites like You Tube or WikiAnswers) Biological viruses are contracted in similar ways: touching something that has the virus on it, then touching your mouth, eyes or ears, kissing or having sexual intercourse with someone who has a virus, or by being born with it. Biological viruses CANNOT be cured, they are always in the body, but the symptoms and fatality can. While computer viruses can be rid of. Both have many types, some are fatal or they cannot be cured/rid of/etc.

What are backdoor programs?

They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected. They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected.

Why is it called a computer virus?

The naming of the computer virus has sort of the same roots as the computer bug. When the first viruses were discovered, people named it based on the main aspects of the object. The viruses focused on dumb cloning/reproducing, exactly like organic viruses, and there you go, the computer virus is born.

What cause viruses?

Viruses are not necessarily "caused" - they are a biological reality that can be contracted.

How do you get viruses on your computer?

when you download a program on your computer that has a viruses

Do computer viruses affect iPad?

Computer viruses are not built the same way iPod, iPhone, or iPad apps are built. They will not run, and probably will not for a very, very long time.