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It depends on the concrete contractor. Some of them will be insured while others will be uninsured.

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There are many concrete contractors in Boston. By viewing the Better Business Bureau website Allstate Concrete Foundation Corp and Benoits Concrete Floors LLC both have an A+ rating.

I need a new driveway in front of my house. I know the type of path I want. WHere do I find concrete contractors?

Decorative concrete resurfacing contractors learn their craft from what people want and what the economy provides as good business.

Generally, foundation contractors.

general building contractors, heavy construction contractors, and special trade contractors, which includes those engaged in concrete work.

What is the average hourly rate for a landscape contractor-Licensed and insured

Concrete contractors give individual quotes for each job. Prices would be worked out according to size of the area, materials needed and the amount of labor hours.

Yes, concrete contractors do need a license, which would be a contracting license. You should always ask them for their license before they begins the job, so they have less of a chance of scamming you.

Commercial Concrete Contractors will come to your house and put down concrete where you need it. They can come out in advance to give you an estimate and this will help you plan which company you want to go with. You should pick a company that is priced reasonably, are reliable, and have some resources that you can speak with.

If you need a contractors license then the state would require you to have liability and a bond.

All contractors should be duly licensed and insured.

By searching for home renovation contractors in their local area for professionals that are insured and accredited and known to the BBB in their district or city.

An Additional Insured is only used for General Liability coverage. Since Business income is a property coverage, they would not be insured. Also, business income is designed to pay for loss of income to the insured, not lienholders, or contractors they are performing jobs for.

There are many possible faults and resultant problems that can occur in concrete. Most relate to a reduction in the final strength of the concrete.

form_title=Concrete Driveway Contractors form_header=Drive on your new concrete driveway with help from a certified contractor. Is there an existing driveway that needs to be repaired or removed? = () Repaired () Removed () Unsure Is your driveway level?= () Yes () No () Unsure What are the dimensions of the driveway?=_ Ideal Completion Date=_

Need an insured siding contractor in Ft. Woth? Go to and veiw contractor service reports and get a quote from the pros.

The Concrete Network is an excellent resource which covers the many intricate details of using concrete as a kitchen surface. They also provide a directory of contractors that specialise in concrete countertops and businesses that sell them.

The primary contractor is going to have to cover the loss since the uninsured sub was working for them. It is the General contractors responsibility to make sure his sub-contractors were properly insured.

No. If you choose to use un-insured contractors then you are proceeding at your own risk.

Make sure that the electrical contractors are properly licensed and insured since faulty wiring can cause fires. Also ask for customer references to make sure they are reliable. You should also get competitive price quotes from other electrical contractors as well.

yes it does. Chesapeake Construction LLC. contractors-structural&decorative concrete

Before hiring any contractors you need to assure they are certified and insured to do the job. You need to get quotes and compare them and find out if there are permits needed for the work being done and who is going to get those permits.

Bricks, concrete, builders, contractors etc like anywhere else in the world

Yes you would be required to carry a contractors license and the state would require to carry liability insurance and a bond.

Bona-fide sub-contractors are generally deemed to be contractors who work without direction from the Insured, hold their own insurance and usually provide their own materials and tools. As long as they are not working under the direction of the Insured, have their own legal liabilities and insure for themselves, there is no need to include them in the count of employees. What insurers will not do is extend the insured's policy to include the legal liabilities of the bona-fide sub-contractor - they should have their own public liability insurance in their own name. Please note that it is a condition of most insurance policies that the Insured checks that bona-fide sub-contractors have their own public liability cover to at least the same limit of indemnity as the Insured before they appoint them.

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