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Contractor Liability InsuranceNo, You can purchase Contractors Liability Insurance as a standalone coverage.

Many companies offer Contractors Liability coverage with or without your workman's compensation coverage. Depending on the nature of your business structure, you may not even need Workers comp coverage.

It is perfectly fine for you to purchase the two coverages separately. You may however get a better rate if purchased together because some companies will offer you a discount for placing multiple policies with the same company.

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Q: Are contractor's liability insurance policies only written if the policy holder also gets workmans' comp insurance?
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Do you need workmans comp as sole proprietor in ma?

By law, it's optional for sole proprietors. Reality can be different though. In the construction trades most general contractors will require any subs who are sole proprietors to have workmans comp. This is what their insurance companies require. If a sub doesn't have workmans comp the insurance company adds their wages to the gc's bill.

What type of workmans com insurance does a carpenter in north carolina need?

Workers compensation insurance is nothing more than "workers compensation insurance". Your question is similar to asking what type of auto liability insurance does a person who drives a car need. There is not "type of workmans com" insurance. Just ask your local insurance agent to help you obtain workers compensation insurance and he will give you a quote.

Can you hire a sub contractor for a 6 month job and not carry workmans comp for him?

Licensed sub-contractors are usually required to obtain their own workers comp insurance and provide proof of same to anyone who hires him.

What are the rights and responsibilities of having a workmans comp insurance?

Workmans Compensation Insurance is a good way to get insurance coverage without emptying out your wallet. You can find more information about the rules and responsibilities and other information on this website:

Do Shareholders of S-corp require Workmans comp?

If you are the sole owner / employee of your s-corp, workers comp insurance is not required in CA, however some companies you do contract work for may require you to have wc insurance or some type of liability or health insurance.

You are hiring a carpenter for a house remodel Do you need to get workmans comp insurance?

You should hire a licensed contractor. He should already have liability insurance and workmen's comp for his employees. If you do not hire a properly licensed contractor, all the liability for anything tha might go wrong falls on you. If your insurance company discovers that you hired an unlicensed contractor, they could, and probably will, deny payment on any claims you may file. Tread cautiously!

How much is workmans compensation insurance?

It depends on the insurance company and their particular experience with the kind of work, number of employees, loss history, management, company's safety program, areas of operation and more. Your insurance agent can discuss options. If you're self-employed, ask about Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability instead of Workers' Compensation.

In NJ what is the Workmans Compensation insurance statute of limitations for treatment of a workplace injury?

2 years

What type of insurance protects workers who are injured on the job?

This is usually called "Workers' Compensation Insurance", or "Workers' Comp" / "Workmans Comp" for short.

Who do you contact about workmans comp fraud?

The employer, the insurance company, your state board of insurance and your state's workers' compensation bureau are all good to contact about Work Comp insurance fraud.

What are the various types of insurance policies?

Most of the major types, more than one of which could be included in one policy: 1) auto 2) home /property 3) health 4) life 5) boat 6) farm 7) business / lost income 8) personal liability 9) inland marine 10) garage keepers 11) workmans comp 12) commercial liabililty 13) commerical vehicle 14) umbrella

You are a sub contractor work by your self do have to pay workmans comp?

In some states being a sole proprietor with no employees allows you a waiver for the state required workmans comp insurance. However, many large companies as well as state and federal projects will require WC insurance, regardless of the waiver status.